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- My Jem & Jules scores from DSW. All three of these for under $15! -

- When you've been sicker than a dog, but your cat is still a girl boss. #hysterical -

- Of course this is a clean pile of laundry she decided to cuddle up on, but how could I be mad when she positioned herself in front of my GIRL BOSS name plate so perfectly?! I almost choked I was laughing so hard. -

- Obsessed with how my succulent garden is coming along in our entryway! #plantlady -


- Excuse the horrible iPhone photo of this grossness, but real life y'all. See story below.  -

- Sneak peek of next Tuesday's post! All about swim swim swim SUITS! -

You guys... this week. has. been. a total. shit show.

Monday, I started out on top of the world, ready to kick some bootie and take some names, but Tuesday morning had totally different plans for me. Food poisoning had its grips on me. #yuck #nomoreplease

That's not fun at all. I don't want to do it again ever. Please. Never again. Everrrrrr.

Rewinding to Sunday, when I scooped up these tassel earrings at DSW for under $15 total! I love them! Is anyone sick of me professing my love for tassel earrings yet? Do I have a problem? Maybe.

Tassel earring tip: If your tassels are ever a little crinkled up (hello earrings at the bottom of my purse), hit them with the steamer ever so lightly and they will lay back straight and look FAB!

Also still on the hunt for two small air plants if anyone knows of a good place to grab them! Actually I need a medium sized one too. Apparently I'm just a plant and tassel earring hoarder these days... :)

Back to Tuesday, when I was worshiping the white porcelain, I hear this crash that sounded very much like glass plates shattering. In my already dire state, I honestly didn't care to look, but wanted to make sure all animals were okay.

Nothing broken in the kitchen.
Then I thought maybe Lola knocked over our glass jars in the bathroom. Nope.
Then I remembered how bad our guest bath tub tiles had gotten... and there a pile of tile was waiting for me in the bottom of the tub.

First and foremost, I know this situation is gross and I'm honestly really embarrassed of how it looks, but this is real life. We just had not gotten around to reno-ing it yet. But the good news is.... It's now being redone and I cannot wait to show you guys!

And I couldn't leave you all with that gross tile photo, so the last photo is a sneak peek of next week's post that will be live on the blog on Tuesday! Kate Spade swim anyone? Are you a Swan Dive or Cannonball kind of person?






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--- Getting to witness my niece's Gotcha Day and spoiling her with Smarties ---

--- Listening to this amazing podcast by Jenna Kutcher ---


--- Still overly obsessed with my herb garden. Update below ---


--- Mixing and matching my favorite tassel earrings four different ways in last week's blog post ---


--- Trying to eat healthier for many different reasons ---

So happy to have another little girl to spoil in the fam! You know I love my boys, but I have to admit that shopping for girls is just a tad more fun! I'm pretty sure I've bought just about every Nerf gun, Star Wars, and Ninja Turtle do dad at Target so I'm more than happy to move on over to the other toy aisles :)

I've definitely experienced some set backs in the blog department lately. My motivation wasn't all that it was at the beginning of January and I definitely learned to extend myself a little grace. One thing that has pushed me back into creativity mode is Jenna Kutcher's podcast, Goal Digger. The episode I listened to earlier this week was called "10 Ways to Create a Content Calendar" and it was majorly inspiring. So inspiring in fact, that I wrote the frame work for today's post on Monday and have been filling it in all week as I come across the five things I've been digging. She says "Stress work is not our best work," and I could not agree more! I plan on rounding up a few of my favorite episodes for you all to check out in a post soon!

The herb garden is BOOMIN! So much that I think I need to divide and transplant some of them outside. I'll definitely be reading up on how to do that and share what I find out in the part two of the herb garden blog series soon! If you all have any tips I'm all ears! Definitely don't want to kill them on accident... haha

Besides cilantro, TASSEL earrings are my jam. I've got a sassy little collection that I've been adding to over the past couple of weeks. In this week's blog post, I showed you how I made a simple white shirt and jeans look like a million bucks just by switching out the fun earrings and shoes to make different combinations! My favorites are the blue hoopish ones with the tiny tassels :)

You know what comes after the Spring showers? The Summer swim suits.
You thought I was going to say "May flowers" didn't you?

Eating healthy is always on top of mind. Sometimes I cram it down with tacos and cookies, but somehow it always creeps its way back up to the top of the list. Probably because I recently tried on swim suits and wanted to curl up with a roll of cookie dough and rock myself to sleep.
Apples + peanut butter and La Croix has been my go to afternoon snack. I've been trying to meal prep as much as possible too. I will say that someone keeps bringing me Reece cups and that someone also knows that I have no self control when it comes to Reece cups. Which brings me to...

WARNING RANT IN PROGRESS: You know what is the worst invention of all time? Reece's peanut butter Easter eggs. They are so freaking good, but why. why. why. do they have to do this to us right before Summer? I will eat those pumpkin and tree shaped Reece's until the cows come home and just slap a big sweater on, but I find that a swim suit does not hide those Easter egg shaped ones as well. It's the weirdest thing.


Well sorry to end on a rant, but I'm off to go drink coffee and eat copious amounts of Reece's peanut butter eggs...


Happy Friday!







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Learning is my jam. I often toy with the idea of going back to school for another degree some day, but then I remember homework and tests and that idea quickly fades away. Enter podcasts. I think you should strive to learn something every day. People learn by seeing, feeling, and hearing. More intellectually known as a Visual, Auditory, and Tactile learning.

I definitely fall in the visual learner category, but there is something to be said about pushing yourself to be a better auditory learner if that isn't your primary way of learning.

No one has ever said anything bad about being a good listener. Ever.

One way I like to learn and sharpen my listening skills is listening to podcasts.

These are the five podcasts that I regularly listen to and I'm so happy to share them and why I like them with you! 



This is my go to business podcast because each episode is formatted for learning and always has key take aways that are tremendously helpful. I have been following Jenna from practically the beginning and have seen her success through the sky rocketting of her Instagram account. Six years ago Jenna was working in the corporate world, when she decided to buy a camera off Craigslist to document their wedding planning journey. She photographed a relative's wedding and the rest is history! She is now a huge girl boss and someone I greatly admire and follow on multiple channels! Love me some Jenna K! Her podcast covers topics on business, branding, marketing, and inspiration.


This is my second go to podcast for business and ultimate girl bossing. Like the Goal Digger podcast, it covers business, branding, marketing, and inspiration, but I would say that this podcast covers a multitude of niche businesses and a variety of personal growth topics. Also most of these podcasts are recorded in interview form with guest speakers. This podcast has been around a lot longer so there are a lot more episodes.



The Bobby Cast isn't really for business development, but I would say I can definitely categorize most of the episodes in the inspirational category. Bobby Bones, is a radio host, comedian, singer/songwriter, AND New York Times Best seller. He interviews artists, songwriters, and covers the behind the scenes of the music industry in depth. I love knowing a little more about artists and the music industry than I would normally every learn. Bobby is the bomb and his love for his dog, Dusty, definitely resonates with this fur mama. :)


Can you be a ride or die YHL fan? haha If so, I definitely am. These DIY bloggers have been on my daily reading list for YEARS, and you cannot imagine how devastated I was when they decided to step away from blogging. I mean I totally get it. I get exhausted from cranking out like a tiny tiny tiny tiny percentage of the mega blog they were producing. So imagine the EXCITED screeching from my house that ensued when they decided to launch Young House Love Has A Podcast! Believe me. T thought I was losing my mind. Their podcast covers all things home, from DIY and renovations, to beach houses, to a multitude of interior design topics. My favorite part is the game show portion when John quizzes Sherry. His made up answers are priceless!


This podcast is particularly interesting for engaged couples/ newlyweds. I started listening to this duo during T and I's engagement. The Paper Year is an interview style podcast where two newlyweds interview married couples about all things marriage such as house chores, communication, in-laws, and so much more. They are incredibly funny and really help me see these topics from different perspectives.


There you have it! Five of my favorite podcasts covering business to music to DIY and marriage. That's quite the range if I do say so myself!

I listen to Bobby Bones every day, but definitely try to listen to the Goal Digger podcast a couple times a week!

What are your favorite podcasts? Are you an auditory learner? I'm always on the hunt for great business and personal growth podcasts. Drop your favorite podcast in the comments below!