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Does Father's Day feels so early this year for some reason or is it just me?! I've rounded up some goodies that any Dad will love!

My go tos for my Dad are basically the same every year: He loves to take his cars to this certain car wash because in his words "The tires never look that good" anywhere else so I usually grab a gift card from there and I think he would love any of these items I've rounded up. I also thought about what T would like because a lot of y'all are buying for your hubby's because the little babes aren't old enough yet to go shopping solo!

From cool socks to swim trunks to a fire pit. Guys love to light stuff on fire, why not give them a place to do just that and an added bonus is that it is pretty!

I'm trying a new linking system so apparently all you have to do is hover over each item and click! Boom! Father's Day shopping done! But if that doesn't work I've linked them 1 - 12 below the photo just in case :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating your Pops!




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Color Combo Obsession: White + Blue

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                                             Tops (The Clothing Bar) / White Denim / Shoes (The Clothing Bar)

                                             Tops (The Clothing Bar) / White Denim / Shoes (The Clothing Bar)

I hear a lot about white denim this and white denim that. But the thing I hear most is "Oh I can't wear white denim. It shows everything." and while I do believe that it is probably the least forgiving denim, you'd be surprised what a good pair of white denim can do! This pair is very affordable and comfortable! 

None of us want our undies showing through so that is the first box to check off the list, but the key to picking out a pair of white denim that works for you is thickness. Not only to cover the undies, but to smooth over any lumps and bumps you may feel self conscious about. I will note that lighting has a lot to do with it. We all know it... that dreaded fitting room lighting. Why is it so awful sometimes?!

So if you are on the fence about a pair of white denim and they are checking most all of the boxes, I'd like you to do me a favor and think about how often you are going to be under the same dressing room lighting? When you're out at lunch with friends? No. When you're at a Fourth of July picnic? No. When you are on a hot date? No. So that is just something to consider!

1) Thickness is key!
2) Try them on outside of the dreaded dressing room lighting. You'll be surprised.
3) Buy a casual pair that is distressed and a nicer pair that you can wear on fancier days.
4) Make sure the pockets aren't took bulky.
5) The back pockets must be lined! Don't buy a faux back pocket pair...

Today's post is pretty short and sweet, but I'm obsessed with blue tops and white denim so I just had to give you all my tips on how I choose a pair that won't sit in my closet for ages! I've also linked some of my other favorite blue options that would be lovely paired with white below!




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Gift giving is a tricky tricky business. Especially when the recipient is Mom! Surprisingly, that cute framed hand print ain't cutting it anymore as a 26 year old. haha

Now that isn't to say that your mom wouldn't appreciate a hand made gift, I'm just saying that it needs to be on a different level than that framed hand print. #itbetterbegood

Whether you are a 26 year old like me, a Daddy to little ones, or anyone who is looking to show their Mom a little love, I've rounded up a bunch of gifts that will surely make her feel like she's "Da Real MVP."

I've broken it down into categories by interest, but you could certainly mix and match to your heart and budget's content! I've linked everything at the bottom of this post for easy peasy shopping too!

1) Hold It All Zipper Pouch // She can just drop this in her purse or carry on and have it all in one place!
2) Travel Mug // Comes in different locations so you could plan a trip and give her the mug to let her know where she's off to next! Or if one of the destinations holds a special place in her heart it's perfect!
3) Mint Condition Pouch // You can never have enough pouches to organize things in your luggage.
4) Into The Blue Pouch
5) Yes Way Rosé Pouch
6) Faux Leather Weekender Bag // Everyone needs a good weekender bag for spontaneous trips!
7) Thanks A Latte Pouch

1) Rose Gold Eye Lash Curler // Up Mom's make up bag game with these pretties.
2) Rose Gold Tweezers // Tweezerman tweezers are the best!
3) Silk Pillow Case // Silk is the best for your hair. It prevents breakage and adds major shine too!
4) Thickening Spray // R+ Co is the product line at my salon and I love it! The blonde shampoo is a YES!
5) Wave Spray // Come summer time a good wave spray is like a girls best friend!
6) Bath Bombs // Everyone just needs to go ahead and buy these.
7) THE BEST Eye Shadow Palette // I got this a couple of years ago for Christmas and still love it!
8) Rosie Pink Lipstick // I've heard great things about this brand and that is the perfect shade!
9) HANDS DOWN THE BEST MASCARA // I CANNOT say enough good things about this mascara. I love it. It's a bit pricey, but has definitely made my lashes grown and not break off! #wortheverypenny

1) Embroidered Kitchen Towel // Anything embroidered. always.
2) Tassel Kitchen Towel // Same with cute tassels!
3) Pineapple Skewers // Those wooden skewers just won't cut it after you surprise Mom with these!
4) Copper Kitchen Utensils // Kitchen utensils fit for a Queen's kitchen!
5) Vintage Recipe Tin // A great gift that you can add your personal family recipes to before you gift this to her!

1) Gold Palm Leaf Tray // How cute would this be on a night stand?!
2) White Ceramic Pineapple // Every house needs a ceramic pineapple. It's basically a rule.
3) Triple Plant Hanger // Is your mom a plant lady? She'll love this!
4) White Pitcher // Best & easiest gift ever... Buy a white pitcher and 2-3 bunches of tulips and ta da! Instant cute gift and you don't have to wrap it!
5) Pink Velvet Pillow // My favorite pillows ever.
6) Pineapple Embroidered Pillow // Pineapple everything.

1) Glass Frames (Various Sizes)// Buy these and then add vintage post cards or family photos. She'll love it!
2) Letter Holder // This one is too cute. You could write 365 little notes of inspiration and your mom could get one out each day!
3) Initial Necklace // After all jewelry is a girls best friend!
4) Book // Why not give your mom a book of happiness? She'll think of you every time she reads it!


Well there you have it folks! That is a bunch of goodness right there. Mix and match these categories and make your Mama Bear feel special this holiday! Or these are all still great gifts for you know like a Tuesday :)


P.S. At the bottom of all my posts there is now a share option! Make sure to share with your friends because friends don't let friends buy their mom's socks for Mother's Day. This will help them a ton!





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Just Keep Swimming

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April FLEW by. I usually put this off for as long as I can, but there's just no putting it off any longer if I am going to be prepared for all the summer fun we have scheduled right at the beginning of summer. You guessed it. Swimsuit picking time.

I actually have a bachelorette trip in a couple of weeks where it will be suns outs swimsuits on. So I've got to get on this! I've rounded up a few of my favorite finds from Nordstrom and they are selling like hot cakes so you better get to ordering if you want options.

This isn't a sponsored post for Nordstrom so you might be wondering why most all of these swim suits are from there... Well because they have free shipping and FREE RETURNS. Score!

I'm not lucky enough to live close to a Nordstrom, so being able to order multiple items to try on and then send the "No thank yous" back for free is a huge deal for me! My picks are coming this week and I'm so excited! Or as excited as a girl can be about trying on swimsuits :)


The swimsuit I'm wearing above is Kate Spade and I've linked the same version in black at the bottom of this post. I'm loving the one piece trend so I'm definitely going to keep rocking this scalloped cutie all summer long!


Here are some fun additions to your swimwear! How cute is that little swan drink holder! Yes please!

                                            Kate Spade Swim Suit / Sunnies are from The Clothing Bar (They ship!)

                                            Kate Spade Swim Suit / Sunnies are from The Clothing Bar (They ship!)

So there you have it ladies. Bathing suit beauties that will make you want to swim your heart out!







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