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Today's topic: Dermaplane Facials!

If you guys caught my Insta Story last week you saw that I got my first dermaplane facial at Bloom Medical Aesthetics! I got a ton of questions from you guys so I'll try and answer them here!

First off: What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a safe (provided the person performing it is properly trained) and highly effective physical exfoliation procedure. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently "shave" the skin's surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair (aka peach fuzz)

I'll start by letting you guys in on my thoughts and then I'll explain the process as best as I can!

My skin has recently been on a roller coaster. Stress definitely takes its toll from my eating habits to my skin and probably the worse thing is that I'm a picker. So I was a little worried that this might not be the best time for a dermaplane facial, but I actually believe that it has really helped the sides of my face clear up from where I picked at it. I was extremely surprised by how fuzzy I am and you can see how much fuzz and dead skin cells Dr. Elizabeth scraped off of my face at the end of the post. My fear about dermaplaning was the idea of a scalpel going across my face, but it wasn't a big deal at all! Dr. Elizabeth has over 12 years of experience in the medical spa field so I completely trust her and honestly I wouldn't have even known it was a scalpel if I hadn't seen it beforehand. She's so good! The best part is truly the results! Not only do I feel like my skin is hydrated, I can tell my pores are smaller, and my skin tone is a little more even. Plus the glow is everything!

Now on to the process: Before using the scalpel the skin has to be cleansed. The little brush she uses is so relaxing!

Dermaplane Facial

After cleansing comes the toner. This part smells pretty strong, but is over so quickly. Then Dr. Elizabeth made sure my face was completely dry and ready to start dermaplaning!

Dermaplane Facial
Dermaplane Facial

The scalpel part is so interesting to me! I was nervous about it, but excited nervous! The hardest part for me was trying not to smile haha

Dermaplane Facial
Dermaplane Facial

Since this was my first dermaplane facial, Dr. Elizabeth used the sensitive skin Skinceuticals mircropeel solution. This was another aspect that made me feel even more secure because I do have sensitive skin.

Dermaplane Facial

The micropeel only stays on for a minute or so and then is wiped off. After the skin is clean again, it is time to re hydrate the skin. Dr. Elizabeth used Skinceuticals Epidermal Repair and their Phyto Corrective Gel followed by some sunscreen! Gotta protect that fresh face!

Dermaplane Facial

Hopefully you're not squeamish :) Stop reading here and scroll past this next part if you are!

Below is the peach fuzz and dead skin cells that came off my face! I am so fascinated by this! Look at all of that! You can see in my before/after photos that my pores are noticeably smaller, my skin tone is more even, and the overall texture of my skin looks better! I have also noticed that my deep acne scar (From me picking. Don't be like me guys. Don't pick your face!) has become barely noticeable!

Dermaplane Facial

So it's been almost a week. Would I do it again? Most definitely!

I look forward to trying other procedures at Bloom as well. Let me know if y'all would be interested in me writing blog posts about them!

If you're in the Norman/ OKC area head over to Bloom Medical Aesthetics' Instagram for more details on all of their medspa services!

Also, if you have any other questions let me know and I'll work with Dr. Elizabeth on getting them answered!



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                                                                                   Photos by

                                                                                   Photos by

Today I'm sharing my happy place! The Flower Shop! This darling shop is in Norman, OK and I LOVE it. They recently expanded and I am over the moon with how it turned out. Before, the small shop felt so cozy and inviting, and now after doubling in size I'm so happy that it has retained its magical and cozy atmosphere. With the expansion they added even more features like their new Arrangement Bar, a great selection of locally sourced items, and they've started carrying locally roasted coffee too!

Also, can we take a minute to swoon over those light fixtures?! I mean come on! Amazing.

                                                                                        Photo by Kate Bernard

                                                                                        Photo by Kate Bernard

But what makes this local gem even more special is the ladies who run it! They are seriously the sweetest and are always willing to answer all of my questions! Jordan, Monica, Lori, and Kate are the kind ladies who make this place so magical! I was GIDDY to get to interview Lori Wright, the owner of The Flower Shop, and hope you guys have as much fun learning from her as I do!

                                                                     Photo by Kate Bernard's wonderful husband!

                                                                     Photo by Kate Bernard's wonderful husband!

                                                                                    Photo by Carli Wentworth

                                                                                    Photo by Carli Wentworth

The Flower Shop
Owner: Lori Wright
Established: October 2014
Location: 1440 N. Porter Norman, OK 73071

When did you open The Flower Shop? Have you always had a passion for flowers?
We opened Wright's Flower Market in October 2014. We had been inside our family grocery store which was located on Main St and when we closed that store, my husband, Larry, decided to remodel the backroom of the Porter grocery store (we own the building), expose an old front entrance door and let the Flower Market become a shop of it's own. With the closing of our final family grocery store in June of this year, we had the opportunity to expand and remodel the shop. We also decided to change the name from "Wright's Flower Market" to "The Flower Shop"

What is personally your favorite flower to have at home? What is your favorite flower to use in arrangements?
I love to have flowers in my house but rarely bring any from the shop home. I always say I'm like a carpenter that makes things for other people but never make anything for themselves. I love to garden at home and so I usually pick flowers from my garden. In the spring I have beautiful peonies and the summer hydrangeas but I am just as happy putting fresh mint in a vase or glass. In the fall I like to cut branches from my oak trees  

At the shop, I love to use antique hydrangeas and garden roses. They both can be beautiful all by themselves but pair them up and you've got some WOW!

How would you describe your floral aesthetic?
I would say I love a low full arrangement - something tall and showy is not my favorite.

                                                                                         Photo by Kate Bernard

                                                                                         Photo by Kate Bernard

Tell us more about your recent expansion of the store:
With the remodel we more than doubled our size - in both retail area and work space. We now have 4 sinks - 2 coolers and work stations for all 4 of us. I don't know how we managed in the space before. I guess it's because we'd never known anything different, But now we do and it is wonderful!!
We have a space we call "The Arrangement Bar" for customers that want to create their own flowers. They can pick their flowers and their vase or container and arrange them before they leave the shop.
We doubled our retail cooler size so we are able to offer more arrangements for walk-in customers
Starting in September we will be hosting monthly flower workshops, which is something we've wanted to do even before we moved to the Porter location but we never had the space to do it.

                                                                                       Photo by Kate Bernard

                                                                                       Photo by Kate Bernard

If you had to choose one product in the shop besides flowers as your favorite, what would it be?
This is a hard question. I've actually got 2 and both have personal connections. The first one is our hand painted gift cards. Monica Owen is one of our designers and she's also an artist. She has worked with me since October 2011. She paints and signs each card. It's literally a piece of artwork and we've had customers buy the cards just to frame them.

The other is a Eote Coffee. The coffee beans are roasted in Oklahoma City and we are the only shop in Norman that carries it. If you love coffee, I encourage you to read their story. Todd Vinson is the owner and he is my son-in-laws cousin so not only is this an Oklahoma roasted coffee but it's family! :) They offer tastings every Thursday afternoon from 2-4 in Oklahoma City. The day we reopened they served their cold brew for our customers.

                                                                                          Photo by Kate Bernard

                                                                                          Photo by Kate Bernard

You are a fantastic example to ladies who want to run their own business, what would be your best advice for new female entrepreneurs?
I love what I am doing and I love the people I work with. I have no training in running a business. This was completely accidental and even though I love what I'm doing my first passion is my family. So I am not as present as I should be sometimes. I would encourage any one looking into starting a business to make sure they love what they are doing and surround themselves with people you enjoy working with and have the same passion you do. The Flower Shop would not be The Flower Shop if Monica, Kate and Jordan weren't there.

                                                                                          Photo by Kate Bernard

                                                                                          Photo by Kate Bernard

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?
I was blessed to have the best mother-in-law a girl could ever have. I began working in the grocery store after my husband and I got married. One day I was helping her clean the bathroom at the store and she said "Remember, your'e never too good to do anything here at the store. We work together - no one is above doing the dirty jobs."
I don't know if that would be considered advice, but to me it was a perfect reminder of treating others the way you want to be treated - with appreciation and respect.

What is one of your habits that make your life and business run easier?
I love to sit at my kitchen table drink a cappuccino from 7-11 and read my bible every morning. It helps me get my priorities straight.
Do I do this every day - NO  
Can I tell a difference when I don't - Yes
I'm a work in progress

Quick Questions:
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Morning Bird or Night Owl? Both
Paper planner or iCal? Paper planner - lots and lots of yellow notepads
Sunshine or Snowfall? Snowfall

                                                                                          Photo by Kate Bernard

                                                                                          Photo by Kate Bernard

The Flower Shop is truly one of a kind! It kind of makes me want to burst into singing a round of the theme song to Cheers:  "You wanna go where every body knows your name and they're always glad you came!" Go visit these wonderful ladies in person and check out The Flower Shop website as well for some upcoming workshops! I think the Pumpkin Arrangement AND the Winter Wreath workshops are calling my name!

Find more gorgeous photos and information about upcoming events on their Instagram and Facebook too!



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Streams of natural light, fluffy pillows, coffee in hand, turning the pages of a good book. That is exactly what I envision when I think sun room. I've always thought sun rooms are magical and would be over the moon if our house one day has one!

There's nothing like the idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon, falling asleep on the sun room couch, book draped over your chest. Now I know that this vision is probably laughable to those that have kiddos, but maybe they could nap with you? #wishfulthinking haha

I love thinking up pretty spaces, so every month I'll be dreaming up stunning rooms that you can put together from the curated items! Naturally from all my chatter about dreamy Sundays before, this month's featured room is: The Sun Room.


Even better is that most everything is on sale thanks to some amazing Labor Day sales!

Happy Labor Day! 



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I've been in an everything is unhealthy. It's all gonna kill us. Why even bother? kind of mood lately. But, you know that mood can only last as long as I'm staring blankly into the abyss of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. So in an effort to turn my bad food mood around I enlisted a little help from my friends/Pinterest.

Before I lay out some suggestions, I have to air my pickiness... I'm allergic to most berries and basically all melons and as if that weren't enough, eggs make me extremely nauseated (oddly I can eat them in desserts.) To add even more stipulations, I really don't love to eat meat. Sometimes it really wigs me out. Not all the time, but some times. So you can imagine my dilemma when it comes to grocery shopping. Unfortunately, one cannot solely live off of coffee and Reece's peanut butter cups. I've tried.

One recipe that has been a real hit for me lately is what I'm calling Hot Pesto Salad. It's so easy!
All you do is:
- Sauté a mixture of spinach and arugula with a tablespoon or so of pesto, as many cherry tomatoes as you like and a sprinkle of mozzarella on top. Continue stirring until all the spinach/arugula is cooked to your desired wiltedness? Who knows if that's the right word. I'm no cook. BUT, I LOVE this Hot Pesto Salad! Pairs amazing with salmon!

Did you know that spinach/arugula shrinks immensely? I can basically eat a whole bag of salad this way... and only this way haha


My friend Samantha had oodles of ideas and I'm very excited to try the pesto spaghetti squash recipe she suggested! I always use spaghetti sauce with spaghetti squash, but I love me some pesto so I'm sure I'll love it.

I tried the cilantro lime dressing, but I think I accidentally used sweetened coconut milk... #fail
So it was a little off tasting. I'll have to try again. I also added a jalapeno because I like spicy. I'll let you know if I can actually get the ingredients correct next time haha

All recipes are linked, just click on the photo and it will take you to the full recipe!

Do you guys have any go to recipes? Please share them with me!