10 New Ikea Goods & How To Style Them

I love a good deal as much as the next girl, so when a new catalogue for Ikea drops you can bet your newest pair of Fall boots I'm riffling through it for the newest and most affordable home furnishings! I think the best styled homes are filled with the new, the old, the expensive and the affordable and Ikea is a great place to stretch your budget. I am so jealous of those of you who are near an Ikea! I have to dream from afar until I can make our yearly trip to our nearest location for all the finds that aren't available online. Some day I have hopes that everything will be online or even better... We will finally get an Ikea in Oklahoma!

What's better than affordability when it comes to Ikea goods? Their ability to be transformed with a little bit of elbow grease of course! So even though Ikea is famous for their Nordic minimalist style, I'll be sharing some tips for how to incorporate these ten items into your style and your home!

ONE // Not into the wooden bases? Paint them! I think these would be darling for a wedding centerpiece filled with flowers as shown here.

TWO // Same as the larger version, but if you or your main man is handy in the electrical department then I think they make darling lamps!

THREE // See here is where spray paint becomes your best friend! Spray paint them gold, pink, light blue, kelly green... Whatever color your hear desires and display them on your bookshelves or be the most awesome Mom ever and let your kids stretch their creative muscles and paint them with craft paint! All three for only $10!

FOUR // I just love this sofa! I am on the hunt for a new sofa for after our wedding (all money goes to wedding right now #weddingpoor) I think that this is a really great option that is affordable and comes in multiple different colors. I am loving the blue and white stripe colorway! Make it your own with floral pillows, striped pillows, ikat pillows, Moroccan wedding blanket pillows, etc. The possibilities are endless!

FIVE // More storage?! Yes please! I love to mix styles and I think these would make the perfect side tables for your living room or nightstands for your bedroom, or would even be great for a small tv stand/toy storage for a kid's room! This cabinet currently only comes in grey, but is part of a very colorful line of cabinets that work together to create larger storage systems. Plus, your BFF spray paint could come over and make this any color your want! I would love to see these in white with the legs and little handle pulls in gold :)

SIX // In my head, this is toy storage at it's finest right here folks! Make it easy on yourself and invest in one or two of these magic storage solutions that are not only easy to open/at a kid's level to throw toys into, but doubles as a play table surface! Of course I'm not a Mommy yet, but I still think these would be Mom approved :)

SEVEN // This map is a chalkboard! Frame it, draw on it, spray glue it to a cork board and put colorful pins in it to mark where you've been or where you want to go!

EIGHT // Great chair that would work for a teen's desk, work table, etc! Again... not your color? Spray paint it! How cute would this chair be in a light pink?! Too cute. If you ask me!

NINE // They call it a utility cart, but I call it a bar cart! Or a great coffee cart! Spray paint it gold and inlay the shelves with some faux marble contact paper for an added touch of glam!

TEN // Going for a mix between modern and farmhouse?! This daybed is the answer! It folds out into a queen size bed, perfect for a sunroom or extra bedroom where you need to make the room more versatile than just a bedroom.

So there you have it! I will say that I wasn't a fan of how much work the new fall catalogue is to get through in terms of its layout and the form you have to fill out to actually get access to it, but in the end I love to browse a good catalogue so I made it happen!

What are your new favorites? Are you a "hacker" of Ikea items or do you think changing something that you just bought is crazy?



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*I was not compensated by Ikea for this post. I just love a good deal and love to share my finds with you.