5 Tips To Start Your Home Off Fresh For The New Year

Happy New Years Eve! The countdown to twenty sixteen is only hours away!

I’m a big believer in starting fresh in the New Year, but I hate to see all the pretty Christmas decorations go so I usually slowly chip away at it after Christmas has settled down.


We scaled way back on Christmas decor this year with just a wreath above our fireplace instead of a tree (my collection of vases for our wedding has taken over the trees normal spot) and some outside lights that we barely got up in the nick of time. Let’s be honest, while the inside Christmas decorations have come down it will be weeks of sweeping up random evergreen needles (WHERE do they keep coming from?) and even longer of looking at unlit lights still hanging up outside due to my football loving fiancé not having time until the season ends to take them down… oh how I love him.

While I’m fine waiting on the lights to come down, I wanted to hold on to that feeling of clarity and calm and carry it over into our interiors. Every time I take down the Christmas decorations I think to myself and laugh at how good it feels to pack it all away and return it to how it was before Christmas exploded all over the house. That feeling is the same as when I organize something that has been weighing heavily on me every day. I may not even know exactly what it is, but once it’s gone it is like “WHEW” why didn’t I do that ages ago?

So I wanted to share 5 ways to freshen up your home post Christmas chaos and start the New Year off right!

1) Put away the wrapping supplies. I mean it. Set them down and walk away. All the gifts have been doled out and it is time for the tape, scissors, gift tags and wrapping paper to go back in the closet where they belong. No more clutter in the living room where you’ve set up your gift-wrapping shop.

2) Throw away that pile of junk mail filled with 20% off coupons for after Christmas sales.  You’re good. You can’t possibly need anything else. Even if it is a good deal do you really need it? You’ve just spent massive amounts on gifts. Also there is absolutely no need for physical coupons anymore. Save yourself some visual clutter and just find the online code. I promise throwing those pesky papers away right when they come through the door will save your sanity and your bank account.

3) Pick a cabinet or two in your kitchen to reorganize. I don’t know what happened this year, but my coffee mug collection quadrupled. The small shelf that used to house them very neatly was just not cutting it anymore. Mugs were scattered here and there all over the kitchen. I took fifteen minutes to reorganize some kitchen cabinets and I swear it has made my mornings so much easier!

4) Make sure all your new Christmas goodies have a home. I am super bad about this one. I like to enjoy all my gifts in one place for a couple days after Christmas and then slowly they all get scattered across my house in very weird places that don’t make sense to me, but somehow make sense to Trey who is the king of “putting things away” also known as me asking “Where is that?” and his reply being “I don’t know” … K 

5) Eat or throw out the little bit of left overs you still have from the massive family dinners you get stuck taking left overs from.  This happens after every holiday. The fridge becomes a nightmare to open because there are baggies and tupperware with the remaining bits of the holiday meal stacked and packed haphazardly on every shelf. Trey is a true sport in this area and usually enjoys a nice variety meal until these leftovers are gone while I make myself a peanut butter sandwich because I CANNOT force myself to take one more bite of something I gorged myself on a week prior.


So there you have it. My five tips to recuperate from Christmas and start the New Year off strong! What are your plans for tonight? Anyone else buy a bottle of champagne because it had a cute label? You should. This better taste as pretty as it looks... We may be in for a treat tonight.

Pop. Fizz. Clink!