Iced Coffee Gold

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. It is a pretty powerful beverage. Coffee creates connections and long conversations. Dreams are discussed, problems are solved, and strong bonds can be formed over a freshly brewed pot.

I for one would be telling a bold face lie if I ever said coffee was something I wouldn't miss. My coffee routine is like clockwork. Tons of hot coffee in the morning and an iced coffee or iced latte in the hot Oklahoma summer afternoons.

My favorite iced coffee recipe hails from a fellow Oklahoma girl, the Pioneer Woman. I swear she is the Queen of Recipes. I have not made one recipe from her cookbooks that I didn't like and I'm a self proclaimed terrible cook. She makes it so easy! Her iced coffee recipe makes for a giant batch so I've adapted it a little so I can fit the container in the fridge. 

Step One: Find a container that will fit one 12 oz bag of coffee with at least three inches of room to spare. 

Step Two: Pour 4 quarts of water over the coffee grounds and stir until all the grounds are mixed with the water. 


Step Three: Find about 8 hours of patience because the coffee has to steep. You can wait longer if you want the coffee to be extra strong. 

Step Four: Strain the coffee mixture. I used a fine strainer with a coffee filter, but you can also use cheese cloth. You will need several coffee filters as they will get clogged with the dregs. I suggest straining the coffee at least twice. 

Step Five: Pour the beautiful coffee concentrate into a drink dispenser or pitcher and enjoy! I like to store mine in a sealed drink dispenser in the fridge so it can get nice and cold :) 

Step Six: Pour over ice and add the fun stuff! I like to use half and half or milk and a splash of vanilla creamer and a cute paper straw to boot. So yummy! 


For all the fellow coffee lovers out there.... enjoy Lorelei from Gilmore Girls and her hilarious coffee quotes here

Happy Monday :)