Nordstrom: Wants & Wishes

It's mid July and you know what that means... the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale!

Fall is my favorite season and this is THE sale to snap up some beauties for your Fall wardrobe at a fraction of the price! Usually by mid July when we are breaking into 100+ degrees, the thought of the crisp, cool Fall air makes me squeal high pitched sounds of happiness, but Oklahoma has been bogged down with so much rain that the sweltering heat has been kept at bay. I'm sure it will make its appearance soon. Lucky us.

As for fashion, I won't for a second claim to be "in the know" about the latest trends, but I do know what I like! Fashion completely stresses some people out and is a total creative outlet for others. I fall somewhere in between. The stress, that I'm sure every woman feels, comes from the "I have nothing to wear" anxiety. You know the panicky feeling, as you blankly stare at the clothes hanging up in your closet with fifteen minutes left to get dressed and wonder to yourself "Who in the heck let me buy that and why do I have that in twelve different colors?"

The flip side is that fashion is a great creative outlet and you can really let your personality shine through a well cultivated outfit. I like to fall somewhere in the middle where pizazz meets whimsy framed in the classics. Life is just too short not to add a little pizazz in your wardrobe. However, balance is a good idea or you may end up looking like Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. Unless that is your jam and then I say go for it! Be you. 

I have my eye on a few staples and a few statements for Fall. Below you'll find my top picks of what I like to call "Wants & Wishes." In the Wants category are everyday items that won't break the bank too terribly bad and will get worn repeatedly so in the end their cost per wear is low.  In the Wishes category there are items that would be fab for specific events like I've listed above each item, but maybe you'd only pull these items out of your closet once in a blue moon. Regardless, they are all pretty. Pretty fab. 

The Kate Spade earrings and the Kendra Scott necklace are PERFECT Christmas gifts for outrageously low prices. A mother, daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, teacher, next door neighbor would be tickled pink by either of these beauties.

This sale is only for cardholders right now, but opens up to everyone THIS Friday July 17th. I recommend stalking it beforehand and creating a wish list so once Friday rolls around it is on and popping so fast your card won't even know what hit it. 

Now go make those wish lists! 

Shop These Looks:

Sofia Cashmere Leopard Print Cashmere Knit Cape : Sale $189.90

Julia Jordan Eyelet Sheath Dress: SALE $98.90

Eliza J Leopard Print Ponte Fit & Flare Dress: SALE $104.90

Trina Turk 'Bonnie' Shawl Collar Skirted Coat: SALE $364.90



P.S. I wasn't compensated in any way to say any of this. I just genuinely love this sale and had to let my fellow smart shoppers know! Keeping a sale this good a secret goes against girl code.