Throwback Thursday: Flirty Florals

Slowly, but surely I am transferring some of the old posts I had on the wordpress platform over to the new revamped squarespace platform. So this will be a new series called "Throwback Thursday!" I hope you enjoy looking back at these fabulous posts as much as I do! Cheers!

Today we're talking about my random thoughts on Spring & Summer trends. You know... Florals (swoon,) white jeans (must start doing squats asap), statement necklaces (give me), rompers (be careful), the whole nine yards!

Floral is my love language. Whether it is a single rose or beautiful bouquet or an entire outfit made out of a bold floral print. I just love it. I also adore navy and pink together. Its like a classy lady with her fun and flirty BFF. So combine that color combo with a floral print and my head is spinning! 

I just recently jumped on the white jeans bandwagon and I've got to say... These puppies don't hide much in the flaw department, but I'm going to rock them anyways! 

I'll be pairing them with a longer tunic to cover my bum. I love the fit of this tunic and it comes in several different shades, but this light pink caught my attention from across the room, jumped into my cart then screamed take me with you, so I did. I've paired it with the Rebel pendant and an arm party made up of the Isabella wrap and the Arrow bangle from Stella & Dot. I'll definitely be wearing this on those cooler Summer nights! 

                                        Linen Tunic  |  White Jeans  |  Rebel Necklace  |  Arrow Bangle  |  Isabella Wrap Bangle

                                      Linen Tunic | White Jeans | Rebel Necklace | Arrow Bangle | Isabella Wrap Bangle

This floral shirt made my heart explode with happiness. It's so light and airy! The neon pink and mint green are what take this floral print to the next level. Add some pearls and a tutu skirt and you basically have the most girly outfit known to mankind. I dig it that's for sure. 

                                                             Daphne Pearl  | Floral Shirt (Sold Out) |  Tutu Dress

                                                           Daphne Pearl | Floral Shirt (Sold Out) | Tutu Dress

This last outfit is like the navy and pink and floral jackpot of outfits. I wore a skinny pink belt with this too, but the belt would not cooperate in the photo so you'll have to use your imagination. I've said it once and I'll say it again... Pearls plus floral equals a winning combination.

                                                                       Floral Dress (Similar)  |  Strappy Sandals (Similar) 

                                                                     Floral Dress (Similar) | Strappy Sandals (Similar) 

This navy romper was a total TJ Maxx score! I have never found a romper that actually fit me without making me look like an inappropriate toddler. Short girl probs. It has the cutest scalloped edges! 

                                                            Scalloped Romper (Similar in black)  |  Coral Cay Necklace

                                                          Scalloped Romper (Similar in black)Coral Cay Necklace

If you can resist a comfy t-shirt dress with polka dots at a reasonable price then I don't want to know you... Add a statement necklace to just blow the whole thing out of the water. Instant polka dot glam. It's a thing now. 

                                                                            Fanella Neckalce  |  Polka Dot Dress (Similar)

                                                                          Fanella Neckalce | Polka Dot Dress (Similar)

Totally a random and sassy post! Love you guys! 


Happy Thursday!