We Are Acres & Richmond.

We're sisters. We're best friends. We're sister best friends. It's practically the best thing ever. We come from a long line of creative women who believed that holidays were the perfect excuse to build an entire tiny town complete with faux snow and mini carolers. We throw parties with our whole heart and enjoy any and all things creative.

Acres & Richmond started when Abbie and I found ourselves in the first houses where we could let our creative and DIY hairs down and run wild with our ideas. My first house where I went paint brush wild was on Acres Street. Abbie and her hubs bought their first home in Tulsa on Richmond Ave. All the madness started in those two houses and it has been building ever since. We've moved on to other houses since then, but you know what they say... You never forget your first. House. Your first house, people. Geez get your head in the game. ;) 

Abbie and I are silly, sassy, and sarcastic. We love a good pun and there are words that have been spoken around us, to us, and between us that will instantly make us burst with laughter. We've even coined a few phrases along the way and use them frequently in our conversations. Most of those conversations are over another shared love: coffee. Lattes & laughter are all we really need to make our creativity come alive. We are sisters. We are best friends.

We are Acres & Richmond.