Throwback Thursday: Color Splash Gallery Wall

Slowly, but surely I am transferring some of the old posts I had on the wordpress platform over to the new revamped squarespace platform. So this will be a new series called "Throwback Thursday!" I hope you enjoy looking back at these fabulous posts as much as I do! Cheers!

Getting the perfect gallery wall actually on the wall is something I've yet to master, but I do think this is fairly darn close! I've had my oops moments with gallery walls and even one that is currently hanging in my entry way that I'm still just not too sure about, but this one. This one has taken the cake. I love it. It's colorful, which is out of the norm for me considering I live and breathe white, gold, and grey tones usually. It has cheeky cards, a gold wooden Oklahoma, a painting by yours truly and some of my carefully thrifted vintage frames that I may or may not hoard in the guest room as they have not all made it on the walls yet.


These last two photos have my heart as they are of the great state of Oklahoma. I picked the colorful print up at a local craft mall called Birds of a Feather that houses a bunch of different shops. This geometric Oklahoma print came from Freckles Creative Studio! Check it out. Super cute prints!

I found this gold Oklahoma carved out of wood at the Junk Hippy Roadshow and I unfortunately was so blissfully enamored with it that I basically threw cash at the lady and ran to find my mom to show her. Rude, I know, but it happens when you find something this cute!

Who else enjoys a good gallery wall? One that doesn't come out all wonky leaving tons of excess holes in your wall to patch up or if you're like me... hang something else over it to hide all the random nail holes you just put in the wall.