In The Bag: Haley's Lake Essentials

The love I have for the lake knows no bounds, but the best part is unplugging. I can lay my phone down and not pick it up again until I'm ready for bed. It may be nearby, but it is not constantly attached to my hand like it is during the week at home. I'm AWFUL at putting the darn thing down. It is definitely a goal of mine to treat my phone like we are on "Lake Time" more. 

"Lake Time" calls for some of my favorite lake essentials! I am a huge book worm and love to read, so books (and magazines) are always in my bag. There is nothing like reading in the sunshine with a cool breeze, daydreaming of how the design inspiration on the pages of a magazine will translate into your space or being transported into another world opened by a great book. I highly recommend Love Does by Bob Goff if you are in need of some inspiration and I could page through Elements of Style by Erin Gates all day long!

As for my outfit, I am pretty enamored with our Lake Life tank and these terry cloth shorts from Old Navy. I'm willing to place bets that you won't find another outfit as comfy as this one. These shorts are only $9 and come in all different colors! Also, you can't forget the sunnies! I can't go anywhere without sunglasses. My eyes are super sensitive to light and I can't see a thing without them during the day. 

The last item is sunscreen. OH how I WISH I was better about putting this stuff on! It is so important and I have such fair skin that I burn to a crisp every time I forget. So I guess I have two goals to work on.... Phone down. Sunscreen on. 

What are your lake essentials? Or weekend essentials for that matter? Have any goals you need to work on? Shout them out in the comments below!