A Big Ole Monster To-Do List

When we moved into our house two years ago it was an utter disaster. People thought I had done lost my mind. BUT, I saw the hidden gem buried underneath the teal shag carpet, overgrown bushes, and brown shellacked cabinets. Fast forward two years and we have done a lot of work and it is completely liveable, but we have a LOT of unfinished projects to tend to. A LOT. Burn out set in after four months of non-stop every day working on this project and that project. We were buried under a pile of projects to complete before our move in date.

A glimpse into our progress to date: Painted kitchen cabinets white and adding all new hardware, installing subway tile backsplash, taking down three different green flocked and foiled wallpapers, adding laminate flooring to the entire house except bathrooms and kitchen, installing new picture window in dining room, and even more not shown here. 

Now, I am recommitted to finishing this house and lighting a fire under Trey and I because we get this high when we finish a project and it is amazing! DIY high. It's a thing. No it does not involve sniffing paint. It involves marveling in the beauty that you have put your blood sweat and tears into... lots of tears. Nothing ever goes as easy as we think it will be, but in the end I've never finished a project and said "That was not worth it at all." I'm always thrilled to be one step closer to unearthing the hidden gem I've always known is here.

So, I'm compiling a master list by room and I'll be linking them back here once I post about them and cross them off. This will definitely not be an overnight HGTV transformation, but I love crossing item off a to-do list so here we go!

- add tile backsplash
- paint cabinets white or fun color
- change light
- new backdoor
- chip up stick on tile
- continue painted floor from kitchen

- concrete countertops
- replace beige sink with white sink
- install new faucet
- gingham painted floor
- grout where backsplash meets cabinets
- add trim to cabitnet tops
- replace all beige electical outlits
- replace all beige light switche
- add recessed lighting
- cap off wire where light was above sink or add pendant there
- beadboard ceiling
- frame out window
- add window treatment
- paint toe kick white
- paint baseboards and trim white
- level bar top and finish it out with trim
- seal bar top with gloss coat (possibly stain again first)

- paint walls
- paint or paper shelves
- trim out with baseboads (white)
- add more function to back of door?

- beadboard ceiling
- windowsill
- replace beige electrical outlets
- paint inside of window edge
- paint baseboards white
- paint trim white
- reconfigure lighting

- paint trim white
- paint baseboards white
- beadboard ceiling
- replace beige light switches

- beadboard ceilings
- paint trim white
- paint baseboards white
- replace beige electrical outlets
- replace beige light switches

- add recessed lighting
- replace beige electrical outlets
- replace beige light switches
- paint trim white
- paint baseboards white
- add detail to doors
- paint doors white
- beadboard ceiling?

- still up in the air

- fix paint at ceiling
- paint crown white
- paint trim white
- paint baseboards white
- paint doors white
- add trim detail to doors
- add mirror details to closet doors?
- new light fixture
- sew curtains

- repaint walls
- paint trim white
- paint baseboards white
- fix marble paper on countertop
- hang mirror
- hang canvas
- install towel hooks
- add trim piece by bathtub
- regrout tile and seam
- new light

- tile fireplace surround
- grout fireplace surround
- order/install trim piece
- touch up trim
- add details to doors
- paint doors white
- finish hanging art
- repaint vanity
- replace beige electrical outlets
- replace beige light switches

- tile floor
- paint cabinets white
- deal with countertops
- hang mirror
- install new lighting
- new shower door
- new toilet
- resheetrock or beadboard walls
- new window

- add new light
- add white trim
- figure out a better solution for shelves

- paint insides
- trim out insides
- paint shelves

- paint front door blue or red
- paint sides of the house white
- paint shutters black
- paint front entry way white
- add landscaping
- add cute doorbell
- add new front light

Whew! That is one big ole scary monster sized list to tackle and I bet it will take a few years to accomplish. I look forward to showing you guys our progress along the way! I'd love to see your DIY projects as well feel free to email them or leave a link in the comments! Now where's my paint brush...