Dream Room: Anthropologie Edition

A couple of months ago Anthropologie came out with a catalog that really swept me off my feet. I was like a kid in a candy store flipping through each page soaking up all the gorgeousness. My heart was exploding with giddiness seeing one stunning detail after another.

Fast forward to this past weekend when I came across the Brilliant Poppies rug again on Pinterest. This rug was the focal point for one of the living rooms featured in the Anthropologie catalog that caught my eye. It is definitely a show stopper.

Upon seeing the price tag... I thought a girl can dream right? While I can't justify the $1000+ price tag right now... I thought it would be fun to pull a bunch of items together from Anthro to create the living room of my dreams! I like the photo in the catalog, but I've had a serious couch crush on navy velvet sofas lately. Plus, I don't decorate with a lot of green because it is Trey's least favorite color ever and all I would see was his "stank eye" if I brought home a green arm chair. Those windows and wall paper though.. swoon. 

I like to mix a bunch of design styles together to create a look that is classic yet whimsical. I'm not bothered by the different style of legs in the same room and would probably keep my current tv dresser which has a different legs as well. Gold makes this girls heart jump for joy, so there is always a heavy helping of gold in all my dream rooms. Isn't that the funnest light fixture you've ever seen? 

What would be in your dream living room? If you could spend any amount of dollars what design store would you choose? I gather so much inspiration from just browsing around the Anthropologie store or even their website. What website or store inspires you to go after your dream designs?


Happy Monday!