Project Beauty Rest

There is nothing more important to a person's attitude or health than getting a full eight hours of beauty rest, making the bedroom arguably the most important room in the house. Usually I'm all about a good pop of color and have a heavy hand when it comes to decorating with gold accents, but in this room I wanted a tranquil, best beauty sleep you've ever gotten vibe. Nothing says tranquility to me more than a mixture of blues, whites, and grays.

One of the key elements in this space are these navy velvet curtains from West Elm. I knew I needed some dramatic curtains to ground such a light and airy space. Plus, they make the room so dark at night and block out the outdoor lights from our neighbors houses. I chose the unlined version and I can't imagine how dark it would be if I purchased the blackout version of these. Probably a little too dark. Like stub your toe on everything darkness.

The bench at the end of the bed was my mom's and it was originally red and black so it got a coat of white paint and I added the cushion. I don't know why, but I've had the hardest time with coming up with a good fabric to introduce other colors while still meshing good with the blues and grays in the bedding. The cushion fabric is definitely on its way out after this failed attempt. Maybe I'll try stripes next. 

How cute are these sconces? Our house was built in the 70's, but they definitely look like they are from a different era. They are the only light fixtures in the entire house that I didn't immediately want to change out. I think they add a cute vintage touch. 

The nightstands were also my mom's and originally black. I can't even tell you how many coats of white chalk paint these took. I still catch glimpses of uneven areas, but at this point I am embracing them how they are! Talk about a labor of love. I chose some pretty modern hardware because I wanted a contrast to the antique style of the nightstands to make them slightly less feminine. I've been wanting to chop them down a bit to make them even with the bed, but the castors are crammed in tight and I just don't want to risk messing them up!

The gallery wall was inspired by this watercolor painting of the Eiffel Tower I picked up from Home Goods. My plan for this little area is to place a photo of Trey and I from every place we travel together. So far I only have a photo of us in California and our Christmas card photo because I think it's cute :) I need to add an Iowa photo to the wall and we'll get to add an Indianapolis photo soon. The two frames on the left are filled with photos out of an Anthropologie catalog and the other frame on the right has the poem we got in our Pi Phi pledge cards about angels watching over you wherever you go. I'm excited to go on many more adventures with Trey and I think it will be great to have a collection of reminders all in one spot. Hopefully I'll be able to add a real photo of Trey and I underneath the Eiffel Tower someday! 

Can't forget about little Miss Evie Bee. She is never far from me and if she is, she doesn't like it. Talk about a mama's girl. Below is her dish mat fit for the little princess she is! Excuse the paint splatters from when I whitewashed the fireplace... I still need to scrub those :/ 

The basket next to Trey's nightstand is for him to pile the "thousands of unnecessary pillows I insist on having on the bed." Men. They just don't understand. 

An alarm clock from 1982 and some "free art" from another Anthropologie catalog sit on my vanity. I still need to cover the little bench, but I'm having such a hard time with the bench at the end of the bed that I haven't even attempted this one yet. Soon though soon!

I hit the jackpot with a fireplace in the bedroom. Although it is not my favorite style of fireplace, I absolutely love the architectural interest it adds to the room. The upside to the fireplace makeover (it was orange brick) was that it was a cinch to whitewash! The downside... in the two years we have been here, I have yet to tile the fireplace surround. Insert  monkey with eyes covered emoji here. 

You could say I'm one step closer to getting this darn thing tiled because I've 1) picked out the tile and it's in the garage 2) I've laid some of it out to see what it would look like.... Ha! Soon soon. I promise! 

So that's the master bedroom flaws and all! It has definitely come a long way since it's teal shag carpet days, but I still have a few things to knock off my to-do list: 

- tile fireplace surround
- grout fireplace surround
- order/install trim piece
- touch up trim
- add details to doors
- paint doors white
- finish hanging art
- repaint vanity top
- upholster vanity bench
- replace beige electrical outlets
- replace beige light switches
- reupholster bench

I'll link my projects back here and on the master to-do list once they've been completed so check back often! I hope you enjoyed a little look into my home and the many Evie Bee photo bombs. That girl rules the roost for sure. 

Happy Wednesday!