DIY Color Splash Painting

I dont' fancy myself an artist, but I do consider myself a creative girl. With creative determination and $35 worth of art supplies I set out to create this beauty. I have to say not bad Haley, not bad at all. It's far from perfect, but that is what draws me in the most. The messy, loud, haphazard brush strokes all come together in this happy little piece above the piano and I could not love it more.

I put together a quick little slide show that should be able to give you a pretty good idea of the process I went through to create this painting.


The number one rule is make it yours. Don't take this too seriously or you will see it on the canvas. Just have fun with it and own it!
The second rule is with a painting this colorful you need to choose 1-3 key players and let the rest support those. For example, I wanted the blues, red, and dark pink to really pop so I made sure to layer those heavily in while holding back on the green and orange since those were my least favorite colors.
Lastly, pick one or two shiny metallics to catch the light. The pearly white and gold were my shiny accent pieces and I used both pretty heavily to play off the blues, red, and dark pink so they would pop! You can see from the side angle in the slide show how shimmery it is. So pretty!


Pack of brushes $10 (I bought a whole pack of like eight brushes, but if you had an one inch brush and a half inch brush that would work. Large brush for favorite colors. Smaller brush for least favorite colors.)
Canvas $14 (with Hobby Lobby 40% coupon)
Ten small acrylic paints $11
Total = $35


I absolutely loved creating this color splash piece! It was so relaxing even with stopping to wash my brush out with each new color and photographing each step. I cannot wait to create another! I'm thinking our bedroom needs a spotty dot creation ASAP! Are you a loud ten different colors or a soft tone on tone sort of person? Don't you just want to drive to your nearest craft store, grab a canvas, put on a beret and get to creating? I know you do!