Turning Twenty Five

Turning twenty five. It might have been a big deal to you or it might have been just another birthday. I have to admit the number 25 kind of bummed me out. I've always been an old soul, but it gets harder and harder to be an old soul as you actually get older and older. Ha! I guess it feels like losing a tiny bit of your identity and that's why it bums me out. But what I am happy about is that I will ALWAYS remember twenty five as one of the best years of my life because I get to marry my best friend and continue to grow/chase my dreams. He has been so supportive and will truly do anything to make me happy. He can push my buttons like crazy, but he always makes me laugh at his silliness so it evens out. I can't wait to see where twenty five takes me.

Other thoughts: I can legally rent a car. Wahoo!

My birthday was filled with tiny (in a big way) moments of joy and I wouldn't have it any other way!
On Saturday we surprised our friend who is having a bouncing baby boy with a surprise baby shower. I love love love surprising others and will be sharing the details with y'all on the blog later this week with some of my go to tips for throwing a shower.

After the baby shower, my sister (you know the other half of this A&R sister duo,) my mom and I headed to OKC to visit Urban Farmhouse designs. My mom and I have been bit by the Fixer Upper bug and love Joanna Gaine's style so we were pretty excited to visit a place that would probably be Joanna approved. We liked it. I would say it is more of going for the experience unless you are in the market for one of their gorgeous handmade pieces of furniture. I may have drooled on a table or two.

Other than that we were a little disappointed to find a lot of stuff still had Hobby Lobby and Target price stickers on them. Maybe they were just for staging purposes though. Also they have a huge selection of MudPie which is one of my favorite gift lines to give. So that was good to know for future holiday and birthday gift giving needs.

I finally took mom and sissy to the wedding venue. The holidays have been so crazy that we hadn't had a chance to all run up there to see it. They loved it and were already giving me their creative ideas on how to utilize the space. I was loving on these holly berry bushes outside the venue and hope they have berries on our wedding day. They were darling.

We also visited Cuppies & Joe where I was very pleased with the charm and service. We enjoyed a scrumptious The Don cupcake which was coconut and Italian cream. I guess when I say we I really mean sister sue and baby number two enjoyed the cupcake as mom and I only got one bite before she was licking the spoon clean. Note to self: NEVER split one cupcake four ways again. To hell with my girlish figure I'm getting my own cupcake next time :)

We capped the day off with a visit to the Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity Restore where I scored some BEAUTIFUL white marble tiles for 75 cents a piece. Stay tuned on those... I have something crafty up my sleeve for them.

On Sunday, my parents brought Trey and I donuts and Starbucks for breakfast and just chit chatted about exciting things coming up. If you know me, you know I'm a huge homebody so a slow birthday just meandering through our day was perfect for me. For lunch, Trey and I met up with our friends and ate and ate and ate and ate some more Mexican food. I could eat my weight in Chuy's creamy jalapeno dip. I later sank into a food induced coma and napped for longer than I care to admit. So basically I'm sinking into old age really nicely :)

Instead of leaving you sad about how lame I am, I'll leave you with this pretty photo of the goodies I received from my mom and sister! Haha!