Welcoming Baby Sam: Tips on Hosting A Shower

Saturday was such a fun day! If you read yesterday's post, then you know we successfully surprised our friend Shelby with a small baby shower at a local brunch spot. I kept hearing things like "This is so cute" and "I would have never thought of that" so I thought it would be helpful to share my go-to tips for throwing a shower at a restaurant. Obviously I'm no expert, but I just love things like this. The coordinating all the decor is really what I love most. Coordinating the surprise, trying to keep it a surprise, and the RSVP list actually gives me hives, but it is all worth it with the joy surprises bring. I have ten or so tips that help me plan special surprises like this so without further adieu...

Ten Tips For Throwing A Shower At A Restaurant

1) Make a banner. Buy a pack a pack of onesies, use close pins to pin the onesies to a pretty ribbon. Easy as 1.2.3!
2) Bring command strips and scissors.
3) Use a roll of wrapping paper to line the table and add some personality/add to the theme
4) Call ahead if hosting at a restaurant and ask if it's okay to bring outside dessert. Adding cupcake baking cups and personalize or themed cupcake toppers always adds a level of thoughtfulness! Also how cute right?

5) If for a baby shower come up with something sweet that the guests can do or take home. For example at a girl baby shower I created blessing candles with little bows on them for the guests to light and say a prayer for mama and baby when they hear she is in labor or about to deliver. This can work for a boy too.

For this baby shower I found a cute mini mail box in the Target dollar spot and since the baby's due date is kind of close to Valentine's Day we wrote him little bitty love notes or tips on how to be a gentlemen.

6) For second babies don't be nervous to get a little creative with your gift. My sister bought a cute Valentine's Day bib for little Sam and attached a gift card with a note saying he would love to take his momma out on his first valentines date! No cooking and starting him off right!
7) Coordinating paper straws always add a cute touch! Want to add a little bit of sparkle or incorporate more colors? Tie or hot glue gun ribbon to the paper straws
8) Have the guest of honor open gifts before the food comes. It makes for prettier pictures. Less clutter on the table.
9) Make sure to take detailed notes for the guest of honor of what each guest gifts so she can write thank you notes easily.

Bonus tips:
If it is a surprise shower make sure to do the following:
- Tell the hostess that it's a surprise or tell them the same lie you told the guest of honor to get them there. That way when they show up and ask where the table is the hostess doesn't ruin it!
- Park your cars far away