Weekend Lovelies

This weekend was magical!

On Saturday I headed up to Packard's in OKC for brunch with the girls. If you haven't been there I highly suggest it! I love brunch/breakfast food, but I do not eat eggs so that always kind of limits the selection or I have to ask for substitutions which is always kind of annoying. Packard's has a great a la cart side item menu that I order from which is so nice for this somewhat picky eater. I highly recommend their biscuits and gravy! So YUM.

After everyone had been poured their mimosas and coffee, Chloe popped the question! Will you be my bridesmaid? We were all ecstatic and had so much fun reading over each of our "jobs" on our cute customized wine bottles. Great job Chlo!

My job is to help make sure everything is pretty and in place. No better job for me! Weddings are such a joy to be a part of! I love all the hustle and bustle of getting everything set up and picture perfect, but I would have to say the quiet moments and laughter of getting ready together for such a big day is gold too! I'm so lucky to have this girl by my side on my big day and then one month later get to stand by her! Can you tell I'm excited? I've only used a hundred and twelve exclamation points!!!

My other favorite job description was for Shelby, "The one to say inappropriate things at the worst/best time." You always need someone in high stress situations to be able to crack a joke or say something that breaks the high tension and I'm glad we are besties with a girl who has that down pat!

Insert blogger fail moment above. I almost poured the cream in my coffee without creating photographic evidence of how darn cute it was!! Bad blogger. Luckily my friends all had my back and the situation was quickly remedied. Whew. That was a close one :) hahah As for the cute little metal coffee cup it was adorable, but definitely lent a hint of metal taste to my coffee experience.

You know what you do after you have brunch with tons of coffee? You go try another coffee place or at least that is what Chloe and I do. After leaving Packard's we took a quick stroll down to Chirps & Cheers because I have to get more Le Pen pens every time I'm in the city. It's practically a rule. A self imposed rule, but still. Then we made a quick stop at the wedding venue so I could show the girls and I was just too giddy taking it all in to snap any photos. Again bad blogger. ;)

Afterwards McKenzie and Samantha departed for the airport, so Chloe and I ventured over to a new coffee shop called Clarity in downtown. I didn't get coffee because I was practically buzzing from the five cups I'd had already, but how cute is Chloe with her Clarity cup?! I may have said "I'm trying not to get the old lady in the shot," which I then turned beet red after I realized I said that out loud... #nofiltermoment #whoops #bekinder

On Sunday, Trey woke me up with a huge box of donuts just for me. He really knows how to help me with this whole no self control, trying to eat right, I'm a bride and need to fit into my wedding dress sort of thing. He's a keeper though because I definitely ate them.

I always know a weekend is good when there are friends, laughter, coffee, and donuts involved. How was your weekend? Did you get yesterday off for MLK Jr. day? Were you a little too self indulgent too? Donuts for everyone!