Goal Digger.

Twenty fifteen was a big year. The bank I worked at as a Marketing Coordinator sold. I realized that I had been feeling like this wasn't it for me and I took a huge leap of faith once the dust had settled and quit. Now I really don't enjoy using the word quit. I prefer to say "moved on to the next step" but we all know it's potatoes patatoes at this point. I am so thankful that I was hired right out of college after my internship and learned some extremely valuable skills and made valuable connections, but I just knew Marketing Coordinator wasn't the title I wanted to hang my hat on. So long story short. Acres & Richmond has been floating in and out of my sister and I's creative and crazy minds for years now. We used it once as a way to stay connected when she lived two hours away. Now it is our creative playground that has morphed into our creative headquarters if you will. The one thing in life that I want to be is a hat with many feathers. No one looks good in a one feather hat. That's just silly.

So if you are new here or if you are my loyal reader (Hi Mom!) who sporadically catches my sporadic posts I'm writing here today to say Happy New Year! I'm also writing here for accountability on my goals. I don't like to say I'm setting resolutions, because honestly I don't feel like my goals are problems I am trying to resolve. They are challenging and I may have made a few too many, but I don't want to feel just relieved when I meet them at the end of twenty sixteen. I want to feel proud that I looked a challenge (or challenges) in the face and did not fear them, but conquered them.

My twenty sixteen goals are lofty. I may not meet them all, but big dreams produce big rewards. No one made it big by dreaming small.

Twenty Sixteen Goals:

1) Trey and I are planning on buying our first house together. I love a fixer upper and can see more grout, paint, and dust under my fingernails and in my hair in 2016.

2) Steadily increase my income to meet or exceed what I was bringing in at my Marketing Coordinator position. While I'm pretty private and don't like to talk about money I think it is important that I steadily grow and sustain Acres & Richmond as a business. Feather number one.


3) Plan our wedding. My head is jam packed with a vision for our wedding that you can check out here. I also plan on writing a full post on how to create a wedding on a budget so hold me to that in twenty seventeen.

4) Hire an intern. I still have a ton of learning to do in this run your own business category, but one thing I know about myself is that I'm a control freak. (Future interns don't be scared. I'll buy you coffee.) I need to learn to let go of certain aspects and line items that are constantly swimming around in my head. When ideas are constantly running in a circular motion around your head it is VERY hard to make progress and move forward on things without feeling like you are doing things out of order. I think an intern would help with this and I'd love to be a mentor to someone. Feather number two.

5) Blog twice a week. I'm horrible at consistency when it comes to blogging. I feel extremely insecure about the content I write... like I'm putting a piece of myself out there for people to maybe chop into a million pieces? I'm working on being more fun and carefree and not such a homebody. No one wants to read twelve posts about how I watch Netflix from my super comfy couch and take photos of my dog. If you do want to see that then you can follow me on snapchat @haleyraemurray(@haleyacres was already taken by someone I'm assuming is actually named Haley Acres. When I figure out how to change my snapchat name to something more "on brand" I'll update this and let y'all know.) Feather number three.

6) Finish my novel. I loved and took a ton of creative and professional writing courses in college. Earlier in twenty fifteen I started a novel on my iPhone... I'm committing to finishing it by twenty seventeen and plan to write 1,000 plus words every Wednesday. I'll probably share some snippets here on the blog so stay tuned. Feather number four.

7) Get my bridal booty in gear. I bought a yoga mat and some resistance bands so I'm halfway there right? :) Will definitely be calling on my blogging bestie over at A Latte A Lipstick for her killer workouts and fitness tips!

8) Cook more meals. Healthy meals. Trey and I are GETTING MARRIED! We need to look good and feel good. So say bye bye to your precious Taco Bell love because it's all kale and flavored air from here on out. Just kidding I'm sure in the age of Pinterest I can find some delicious air based meals.

9) Spend $0 at least three days a week. Now anyone who knows me knows that I'll have to avoid the internet and of course HomeGoods on those three days, but I'm willing to live in a cave part time as long as it has Netflix and food. :)

Are we done yet? I've exhausted myself.

10) Grow different revenue streams. These can flow back to some of my other goals, but I've also got some other ideas up my sleeve. Very elusive, I know. I like to be a woman of mystery like that. :) Feather number five. 


So here I go! Just a little birdie chasing those feathers. Twenty sixteen you're going to be a good one!