All About That Brass.

All about that brass. Bout that brass. Bout that brass. Oh wait. That's not how that song goes...

I love big brass and I cannot lie. Oh wait. There I go again... Reason 401 of why I'm not a singer.

Today, I'm talking about my love of brass or gold or basically shiny goodness that I can't wait to add to our home one day (wherever that might be).

I go back and forth because with everything good, there is a bad way to do it.

For example... this is bad brass.

If it has sort of a green tinge to it and makes you feel sort of green when you are looking at it then it is 100% bad brass.

BUT, the good news is you can always turn it into something else like she did. Or you can feature good brass in your home.

I am dying to use a lucite brass combo pull or curtain rod somewhere.

              via  Honey We're Home

             via Honey We're Home

Don't even get me started about these brass pulls and open shelves. If our next home was going to be our forever home then I would totally brass it up, but not everyone is a fan of the brass/gold as much as I am. You should alwaysthink about striking a balance between your personal style and a potential buyer's style if you see yourself moving in a couple years. So for now I just drool over these beautiful images and add gold/brass to less permanent areas in our house.

Love brass/gold as much as I do? Here are some other non permanent ways to add the Midas touch to your home!

        via  Domain Home

       via Domain Home

        via  This Is Glamorous

       via This Is Glamorous

Just a few of the ways you can add touches of gold glam to your house! I am a gold frame and mirror hoarder so that is how I sprinkle our home with gold. Do you like gold? Are you afraid of it's boldness? Don't be! Are you pro stainless steal and brushed nickel all the way? Or are you of the oil rubbed bronze variety? Let me know in the comments below!