Road Trip, Let's All Go! {Round Top, Texas}

Get ready for photo overload because there were a ton of darling details on Day 2 & Day 3 of our RoundTop adventures!
Details, details, details... I say that fondly because life would be nothing without gorgeous details, but details fairly often come at a price. My expectations going in to our RoundTop road trip was to find some amazing pieces for styling, for client projects, and of course my own home. This isn't my first vintage treasure seeking rodeo, and I was expecting to find amazing pieces at amazing prices. After all most vintage items have weathered decades of wear and tear, been stored improperly, forgotten about, literally thrown in the trash, the list of hardships could go on and on. When I go hunting for pieces I look for items with great flair, but I'm a hardass when it comes to the price I'll pay for anything vintage unless it is something of great value. Your grandma's vintage toaster that you somehow ended up with that probably cost her $10 at the time of purchase is in no way going to tempt me to pay $50 for it now. No matter how damn cute it is.

With that in mind, RoundTop was not the treasure trove of my dreams. I ended up with two pieces of milk glass, a vintage tea towel, a silver tray, a tiny salt dish that I use as the cutest little ring dish for my nightstand, and I think that is all! I drove 8 plus hours and didn't even fill up my bag!

Now that isn't to say I didn't have a good trip. The trip was really fun and at the end of the day ended up being more about all the fun food, sights, and shops on the square we ventured into. I had a good time, just wish I would have found more vintage gems in the "fields" at reasonable prices. Maybe we missed them? After all we were only there for a day and a half, but we did walk over 16,500 steps according to my app on my iPhone.

Now here is the photo overload...

Does anyone else miss their home phones? I mean look at how fancy this one is? Even had their name embossed on it!

When I was growing up I remember the phone ringing as such an exciting event. Who is calling? Who is it for? Will I get in trouble for listening in and not hanging up when told?  :)
Now anytime your cell phone rings you know it is for you and you even know who is calling. Can you say BORING?! Plus rotary phones are like a toy plus a phone. Anyone else fight over who would get to dial? We didn't have a rotary phone at my house (it was before my time,) but my grandma's both still had them when I was little and I remember always jumping at the chance to twirl the dial and see how fast I could dial my home phone number.

You would be remiss, if you didn't stop at Royer's Pie Haven while in town. The pie was out of this world! The cute little pie shop and patio area was enough to make me want to stay all day! I guess I lied earlier when I said what I ended up with at the end of the trip. I also bought a Bud's Chocolate Chip cutie pie, a key chain, and a pen. The mini cutie pie was delicious and I wish I had grabbed a couple more!

There were a bunch of cute shops all along Henkel Square that were so charming I told T to pack us up and meet me there because I wanted to stay forever! Then I realized the closest HomeGoods was a couple hundred miles away so I quickly came to my senses, but it was pretty picturesque!

This little flower shop had me at hello. It smelled so heavenly and had air conditioning which was a much needed break from the 90 degree plus humidity outside.

The wood floors were so gorgeous. I just kept stopping and staring at them. They had so much texture and warmth!

Could you just die at how cute this little church is?

Or how about this pink bike? I definitely recommend an hour or two spent at Henkel Square to go into all the cute shops and eat pie!

Marburger Farm was the place you needed deep pockets, but my eyeballs were amazed by all the beautiful things. I wish I would have gotten photos of the giant pieces of french architecture that had been chopped into pieces. I was drooling at all the beautiful details. Each vendor carefully curates and styles their booth and the prices reflect that.

We also attended the Junk Gypsy Prom. I felt I was mislead a little with the word "prom." It was basically just a bunch of people in old prom dresses drinking and wandering around the booths while music was playing. In my head it was in a dance hall and there was dancing like at actual prom, but in it's defense I'm sure some people really enjoy it. It's just not my ideal way to spend the evening after walking around all day in the rain/humidity digging through piles of vintage treasure. I would have much preferred a relaxing night back at the cabin in pajamas with wine in hand! Ha!

On our way out of town we stopped by the Junk Gypsy store and this was actually one of my favorites! They had tons of items with sassy southern sayings and there is nothing I love more than sassy southern sayings. A great ending to our RoundTop adventure and from there we headed back to Waco in time for lunch!

When all is said and done, I wouldn't discourage someone from going to RoundTop. I had a great time, but just know deep pockets are the order of the day at Marburger Farms (Odd tip: I'd pay the $10 admission fee just to use the indoor restroom, eat non fried food in 90 degrees + humidity, and have a spot to sit to eat.)

Other takeaways... You must visit Henkel Square and you must get pie from Royer's Pie Haven. Also if the mini donut booth is still by the "fields" you must get a dozen mini donuts. Basically I love food and that is all I can wholeheartedly recommend haha

Stay tuned for a shorter post on Thursday about our stay at a delightful little cabin nestled in a field of bluebonnets and wildflowers!