Road Trip, Let's All Go! {Waco, TX Part 1}

First things first. Name that movie from the title of the post...

If you guessed Legally Blonde, then you would not only be right, but you're also pretty awesome. #reesewitherspoonrocks

Back to Waco, TX...

It was such a cute town to explore! So much charm and history behind every corner. For one my sister immediately told us that the Dr. Pepper museum in nestled in the heart of downtown. Unfortunately we didn't get to stop there... BUT I'm sure it's pretty cool.

Our main focus of the stop in Waco was of course THE Magnolia Market at the Silos. Our mother is down right obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines and the whole Fixer Upper phenomenon. I'm pretty partial too, but she was actually giddy all the way from Norman to Waco. That is six hours of giddiness folks.

The Magnolia Market definitely did not disappoint! Such a cute place. My main love for it though, is the fact that they took a run down property and totally transformed it into a destination spot that people come to visit from all over the country! I could point out a dozen plus properties that are run down in Oklahoma that could use some Chip and Jojo magic! I'm just so amazed by their vision for such a property. Grain silos are not that easy on the eyes, but they have made the whole compound into a bustling and thriving business and community attraction. #goals

My mom would like me to point out that the wind caught her shirt in this photo creating an optical illusion. She is not twinning pregnancies with my sister. That will teach her to cut down the 1000s of flowy shirts she has in her closet! Ha!

"Bloom where you are planted."

The quote above is one of my favorites and is often a frequent reminder to be grateful for where you are and continue to work hard because hard work doesn't go unnoticed. I've definitely found myself in stages I didn't want to be in, but I don't regret for a second the knowledge I gained from going through those stages. Now that I'm working to build my dream job, I find myself looking at others around me and being like "Wow they are amazing and I'm just over here reaching." I have to remind myself that they didn't start out amazing. I loved running into this "bloom" wall at Magnolia Market. Definitely hit me that I was so lucky to be on this trip and flourishing where I am planted right now is a huge blessing.

I loved every square foot of Magnolia Market, but the tiny Chip's Corner for all the guy gadgets totally cracked me up! This totally represents Trey and I... He has the garage and like one piece of furniture that he has ownership over and the rest is my domain. I mean I am the Interior Stylist after all? My home is my canvas. haha

I love iron details. There was a patio set at the Restore recently and I hesitated to buy it because we were going on this trip and unfortunately when I came to my senses it was gone! Blah! Number one thrifting/ HomeGoods rule... If you want it. Buy it. It will 100% be gone if you think on it and go back later. So goal for the summer is to score some pretty iron details like the cake pedestals or these awesome hanging planters/platters or if I find another cool iron chair set at some garage sale or thrift store. The hunt is on!

Can't get over all the detail and texture that Joanna blends seamlessly. This is design goals right here. Although Trey and I are major germaphobes and we have to be able to Clorox wipe everything. But, how beautiful right?!

Love the idea of a grass placemat! Total spring has sprung aspect to add to your table. Definitely the cutest and most different placemat I've seen lately. I wouldn't turn my nose up for a set of these though...

Sister grabbed two of these wrapping paper sheets to frame. Definitely a low cost/ high impact way to create a focal piece of art! How cute would that blue pasta wrapping paper sheet be in a white kitchen? Too cute.

You thought Joanna and Chip were just going to build a bigger store and be done with it? Nope! There is a community type garden in the works and a bakery coming soon that will add to the food truck yard and market. Talk about a fun destination that has something for everyone! You can read all about the exciting future for the Magnolia Market complex here.
 Last, but not least we had a great time and I definitely plan on going back for another visit to not only the Magnolia Market (I mean. Hello? They are opening a bakery. Gotta get dessert!) , but I also plan on going back to explore Waco some more!