She Works Out

My darling bestie, Chloe from A Latte A Lipstick is a fitness guru! She teaches classes on top of her full time job and is always my go to girl when I have a fitness question. She created this workout when I told her I just honestly hate working out and I have no idea where to begin.

I've never been the girl to go to the gym for an hour or two. I'm a home body. I hate paying for a gym membership when I don't use over half the equipment. I'm much more of a work out at home kind of girl. If you are like me then this is THE workout for you! I've never felt like I got my booty kicked so hard by an at home, quick, and easy workout. There's no crazy twist like a pretzel or twelve parts for one workout move kind of thing here. Just the good old stand by workout moves in a sequence that is sure to have you get your sweat on!

I made this little printable workout sheet because I'm horrible at remembering the sequence and plus I'm a very visual person so I also made this my phone lock screen. The lock screen reminds me when I wake up in the morning that I need to fit this into my schedule, but the printable works much better while working out because your phone screen goes to sleep.

Hop on over to A Latte A Lipstick and see the full post to get started!