5 Instagram Tips for Introverts

I can’t lie. Instagram is hard for me. I am really self-conscious when it comes to creating content that I am in. Not because I am in it and I’m posting it, but the part before that… the actual taking the photo of myself or having to ask someone else to take the photo. I’m a huge introvert. I am happiest at home, working at my desk alone with plenty of me time to create and write. So when it comes to taking the postable selfie, talking to the camera or asking for a solo photo…

I feel silly! Me! The girl who runs multiple other peoples social media accounts!

I should have this down pat, but when it comes to @haleyacres even I still need some coaxing and courage to just take the dang photo!


Tip 1: Find Your Safe Selfie Space
This could be your backyard, on your front porch, in your house in front of your mirror if you need a cute outfit shot, or anywhere you don’t feel on display.

Tip 2: Find Your Person
This one can be tricky. My sister and my husband take some of my photos. I have no problem being myself around them so it only makes me feel about 10% awkward when I ask them to take a photo for me especially if we are in public where other people can see me. I’d also highly recommend investing in a session with a photographer who does this all the time. They are going to make you feel so comfortable and be able to get “the shot” super fast!

Tip 3: Posting Pep Talk
Tying into taking the perfect “postable” selfie as I mentioned above… If you take 30 selfies to get just the right one and then are so embarrassed that you end up not posting one at all, then you just royally wasted your time. Don’t do that. If you are going to put forth the effort then make sure you end up sharing one! Even if it is just on your stories! People like to see your face. It’s how they are going to connect you with your brand!

Tip 4: Keep Calm with Color Scheme
Feeling like your feed is all over the place? Create a color scheme by choosing the top five or six photos that make you the happiest. Study those photos until you can draw similarities in scenery or type of photo and make note of the colors they contain. Those favorite photos will lead you to your personal color scheme.

Tip 5: Get Photographed In The Wild
No. I don’t mean every photo of you needs to be in a field or forest. Just make sure some of your photos are of you doing something other than looking at the camera. Don’t get me wrong, photos of you smiling at the camera (no matter how awkward you feel taking the photo at the time) are great, but don’t be afraid to post the photos of you at a distance doing something like walking down the street or looking off at something. Those are pretty rad too.