I'm back with VOL 2 of my series, "A Note From My Desk" and having this little once a month check in excites me to no end. Instead of making these big proclamations for my life at the beginning of the year, I feel like these monthly check ins are crucial to my accountability and momentum and I hope they help you in your endeavors too! This month's feeling/topic is OVERWHELM. It's like Sesame Street for adults. Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter O for overwhelm, out of your mind, and oy veh! It's gonna be a fun time. :)

I wrestle a lot with overwhelm. I also juggle A LOT. When I worked a regular 9-5 (which why do they call it that? I always worked 8-5 or 6? haha) I used to feel overwhelmed, but in a way that I could shut it off once I got in my car to leave. Not now. It is extremely hard to shut off when your office is in your living room and your phone is constantly in hand. So today, I want to talk about ways that I deal with overwhelm and how I'm working towards a more positive look at being busy.

Overwhelm directly corresponds to personality type. I'm an introvert. I'm happiest when I am snuggling up on the couch with my husband and pup. Being an introvert gives me a lot of alone time that I use to cook up new ideas for my business and clients. I need that alone time. On weeks where my time at home is limited, my positive outlook takes a big turn towards crazy town. Read below on my main three tips at dealing with overwhelm and what I'm most looking forward to in October!



TALK IT OUT // Sit down with someone and just tell them everything you have to do. Sometimes you're just too blinded by your own feelings to look at things objectively. I'd bet that whomever you're telling your to do list can easily point out the first task you should tackle. As well as point out some tasks that can easily fall to the wayside for now. Just them giving you that permission to drop a few things feels amazing.

JUST START // Do the first task you see or think of. Don't sit down and write out some long drawn out to do list that will certainly send you straight back under the covers. Sometimes I get overwhelmed just analyzing what would be the most effective order of my to do list and that just makes me freeze up. So start with the first thing that pops in your head and then keep doing the next thing and the next thing that comes to mind! You'll be amazed by all you accomplish!

TURN OFF YOUR PHONE // I'm telling you that thing might kill me one day. From social media notifications, to group messages, to emails, to T's 12 hundred text messages a day (I love him, but yikes.) Tell your husband or your mom or whomever you need to tell that you are turning off your phone for a couple of hours and just put your head down and get to work! Don't let that tiny black square hold your day prisoner. This also helps ease overwhelm because you aren't receiving any incoming messages while you're trying to work and you literally can't respond to anything until you turn it back on.

Bottom line, overwhelm as an entrepreneur is the best thing that can happen to you! It means you're busy and you are hopefully thriving. So change you outlook on busy (something I have to remind myself on the daily) and get to work!

- Book a new client
- Streamline my daily tasks
- Get ahead on blog content

If you have any dealing with overwhelm tips for me, I'd love to hear them! Comment below or comment on my latest Instagram post!