I have one conversation pretty frequently. It goes a little something like "I see your Instagram and your blog (when I'm not falling off the blogging horse,) but what do you do exactly?" It is always asked in a very genuine, but clad with curiosity kind of way.

But to truly answer that question, we have to go back a few years... I started a blog when I was a freshman in college. Even though I wasn't fully committed to that first blog, looking back on those posts gives me the greatest hope. You see, I constantly struggle (like daily) with a sense of failure or the fear of failing in some form or another, but when I look back and think about those posts with my horrible non existent photography skills and the content I was creating, it makes me give myself a little pat on the back because I can see how far I've come.

One of my favorite bloggers, Julia of Gal Meets Glam recently wrote a post on the feeling of failure in the creative industry which inspired me to put myself and what I do out there. Alison, of The Alison Show recently produced an entire podcast that struck a similar inspirational cord with me on how to overcome the fear/ why we shouldn't care if we want to do something else similar to others who are doing the same things. As she says "Only you can be you and you're already as awesome as you need to be." On that same note, she further explains that only you can do things the way you would do them, which really gave me a lot of peace to pursue what I'm good at and my dreams for this brand and the many branches I want it to have some day.

So back to what I do. I make things pretty. I've always had an intense desire to create a job for myself. I tried the corporate industry right out of college and I couldn't tell you how miserable my creative soul was. It was like being two different people. I loved who I worked for, but not what I worked for if that makes any sense. Once owners changed, I knew I had to leave and make a go of it on my own before I got too connected with the people around me because in my typical "people pleasing" ways I probably would have never felt I was ready to leave if I hadn't just cut the cord.

I want to be full disclosure here. I in no way have made it, but I am MAKING it. I'm not where I want to be, but I LOVE how I'm getting there. I recently started another branch of my brand, social media styling! The people around me in real life frequently comment to me, my husband, my sister, my mom, etc how talented they think I am. In my self depreciating tendencies I always shy away and say "Aw thank you." quietly, but you have no idea the boost it gives me internally.

Simply put, I love adding my eye to creative endeavors. I style interiors, I style social media accounts, I create content for this little blog of mine which I hope to stop beating myself up about my need for posts to be perfect in order to hit publish without that sense of failure. Hello to the 10+ posts that are sitting in my draft folder right now.

The goal of this new series "A Note From My Desk" is to bring a little insight into where I'm at in my business and the many feelings I have about it (like the MANY feelings. Sometimes TOO MANY feelings... haha) My wish is that I also encourage you to speak out and tell someone if you see something beautiful in someone's work or life! You have no idea how much good it does for their creative soul. Especially for introverts like myself.

One last thing... Thank you to my husband for being the support system and the kick in the pants that I sometimes need. Lord knows I feel things way too much and over analyze out the wazoo to the point of analysis paralysis. I thank the good Lord for my husband and my sister who always let me know when I'm FEELING TOO MANY FEELINGS and to just get started and get ish done! So to leave you all with the SECRET to living the life you want... just get STARTED. There is truly nothing else that will get you there. There will be mistakes. There will be tears. There will be self doubt and wrestling the constant fear of failure, but there will also be exciting opportunities, feeling truly fulfilled, and exhilaration to the point of HAPPY TEARS. So just get started friends. The world is waiting for you to add your light.

Have a good weekend!