Coffee With Creatives: Kenady Nashert

Today I'm launching a new series to highlight some of my favorite Oklahoma creative gems! I'm calling it Coffee With Creatives, because we all know that gallons and gallons of coffee go hand in hand with most creative's processes! I know I should probably own stock in Starbucks :)

I'll be chatting up 2-3 creatives a month about what they are drawn to, what pushed them into creative entreprenuership, and just what makes them tick!

First up is Kenady from Kenady Nashert Creative! I initially met Kenady after winning a giveaway through her Instagram account! After meeting up for coffee with her, I just knew she'd be a great first highlight for this series not to mention a great person to call a friend! I'm so happy to share a little more about my gal pal and the baddest girl boss I know!

So without further adieu...

Name: Kenady Nashert
Location: Norman, OK
Title: Owner of Kenady Nashert Creative & Shop Norman
Age: 24
Instagram: @KenadyNashert

You recently launched Kenady Nashert Creative, a boutique creative agency, offering wardrobe and social media styling. What pushed you to take the jump into entrepreneurship? I have always had an entrepreneur spirit, being a part of a family who has owned their own company for over 30 years, it’s just in your blood to be your own boss. I knew that I was at the age that if I didn't take the leap now it would be more difficult when my hubby Zach & I wanted to start a family. I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband so that I can make my dreams come true!

Can you give us a little more detail on what your wardrobe and social media styling services entail? I have been apart of the fashion industry for several years & loved helping people become comfortable in their own skin & helping them find a style that matches their personality and body type! Along with personal styling I love merchandise styling, so anything from home decor to photo shoots. So I offer my styling & photography to small business owners eager to promote their product! The social marketing side is an added bonus to business looking for someone to take it off their hands. So often I find it is simple to post personal information but when it comes to your business, it is easy to forget or have a hard time keeping up with all the platforms. I have a huge heart for shopping local & seeing small business grow and succeed. Anything I can do to help business owners grow their company, I am all in!

What brings you the most joy about styling? They say you need something in your life that you could forever do even if you never made a dime. Well styling is that one thing. I love the creativity of figuring out what the human eye is attracted to. Being able to bring an ordinary object to life is a challenge, always pushing me to think out side of the box.

With a background in fashion as a stylist and buyer for a local high-end clothing store, what are some of the timeless pieces you suggest all your clients have in their closets? I prefer to spend money on classic accessories, like an incredible bag! I stick to grays or blacks for a year round option! Shoes are another must have! It always seems to be harder for someone to spend money on shoes since they are walking in them everyday, however you also have some who spend their whole pay check for a killer pair of heels! But I promise a classic heel, winter booties & a summer sandal will last longer than a season & creates a well rounded look to complete your style! Last an amazing outer piece. Heavy or light, the investment in a well tailored coat creates a stunning look when you are all bundled up!

Your passion for shopping local lead to the creation of the Instagram account @shopnormanok. How has shopping local shaped your view of the fashion industry? What is the number one reason you would encourage your clients and social media followers to shop local? I value shopping local so much. We live in a world where you can find anything and everything anywhere in store or online with a large non-local company. Shopping local can be more of a challenge because people fear asking for help in a brick & mortar. So often they feel bad for asking for one-on-one assistance, however that is what sales associates are for. When you invest in a store, not only are you helping the sales associate pay his or her bills, but the store it’s self stays in business & the owner is able to give back to the community. When taxes stay within your city and state, a city can grow & become a place people want to live & grow! 

Trends are always a hot topic for social media. Are there any fashion trends over the last couple of years that you’d gladly say goodbye to? Oh my there are a couple I am sure, but I try to keep with classic pieces. So often people follow trends instead of finding their own look & running with it! Some trends are great, but fashion icons stick to their look & make sure it’s perfect from head to toe!

When it comes to styling a client, what advice do you give them when there are pieces in their closets that they have sentimental attachment to, but aren’t wearing anymore? It can be so hard to just give your clothes away, however if you haven’t worn it in a year then it is time to let it go. If it’s something super special like a honeymoon dress or what you wore when you brought your first baby home then box it up for keep sakes. But fashion changes every couple years, if you want a current wardrobe, learn to buy classic basics & a couple fun items to help not feel like you are always getting rid of stuff.

Do you believe in sharing in real time or are you an advocate for waiting to post images later when you have a free moment? Definitely depends on the photo. If it’s work related, I post on a schedule. If I am out with friends or traveling I love to post in real time. People love to live through other’s and I love to see what everyone else is doing, especially when they are traveling! Everyone is always in need of a lil brain vacation!

Speed Round:

What is the one thing in your closet that you will never part with? My Hermes belt!

How many pairs of shoes are too many pairs of shoes? If they are designer, there is never a limit. However if they are worn out and not great quality I would say 15. Invest in a couple of pairs of nice shoes! I promise it’s worth it!

What is the one thing your husband wishes you wouldn’t wear again? My flared jeans, he thinks they are so stupid… boys just don't quite understand somethings!

What is one thing you wish your husband wouldn’t wear again? It drives me crazy when he wears his J crew dock shorts with Peter Millar polos, loafers & his hat. Four totally different styles mixed into one look is a huge no no. Especially when he gets dressed up, he has great style!

If you could only keep five items in your closet, what would stay? My Rag & Bone jeans, Current Elliot tank top, Hermes belt, a pair of heels & my Adidas sneakers.

What is your social media app of choice? I love instagram, I am really bad at reading captions & caught by the visual aspect of social media.

What is the one Instagram account that you make sure to check on daily? Oh I have two I check religiously on Instagram & their blog! Domino Magazine & My Domaine

How would you describe yourself in one word? Creative

How amazing is she?! Such a girl boss! Make sure to check out and her Instagram accounts here and here!

I hope you all loved the launch of this little blog series of mine! It is always on my heart to share and love on other creatives that I adore! Can't wait to announce who is up next, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out! :)