Color Combo Obsession: White + Blue

                                              Tops ( The Clothing Bar ) /  White Denim  / Shoes ( The Clothing Bar )

                                             Tops (The Clothing Bar) / White Denim / Shoes (The Clothing Bar)

I hear a lot about white denim this and white denim that. But the thing I hear most is "Oh I can't wear white denim. It shows everything." and while I do believe that it is probably the least forgiving denim, you'd be surprised what a good pair of white denim can do! This pair is very affordable and comfortable! 

None of us want our undies showing through so that is the first box to check off the list, but the key to picking out a pair of white denim that works for you is thickness. Not only to cover the undies, but to smooth over any lumps and bumps you may feel self conscious about. I will note that lighting has a lot to do with it. We all know it... that dreaded fitting room lighting. Why is it so awful sometimes?!

So if you are on the fence about a pair of white denim and they are checking most all of the boxes, I'd like you to do me a favor and think about how often you are going to be under the same dressing room lighting? When you're out at lunch with friends? No. When you're at a Fourth of July picnic? No. When you are on a hot date? No. So that is just something to consider!

1) Thickness is key!
2) Try them on outside of the dreaded dressing room lighting. You'll be surprised.
3) Buy a casual pair that is distressed and a nicer pair that you can wear on fancier days.
4) Make sure the pockets aren't took bulky.
5) The back pockets must be lined! Don't buy a faux back pocket pair...

Today's post is pretty short and sweet, but I'm obsessed with blue tops and white denim so I just had to give you all my tips on how I choose a pair that won't sit in my closet for ages! I've also linked some of my other favorite blue options that would be lovely paired with white below!




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