Side note: Hi! I'm Haley! I am a newlywed as of November and Mom to our cuddly little dachshund, Evie Bee! Some people are hopeless romantics, but I am a hopeless creative. I'm constantly trying to infuse more beauty into this crazy world and if I can make one person's day brighter then it was all worth it! This blog is here to share my creative journey and figuring out how that fits into our life, our family, and our future. If you haven't been here before then WAHOO! I'm so excited you're here! If you're a long time follower...(Hi Mom! Hi Sissy!) then I'm still WAY excited you're here too! :) Now on to the good stuff...

Well I won't say I wasn't disappointed that we didn't have even an inkling of a white Christmas. Not a drop of snow or chill in the air here in Oklahoma. With it being in the upper sixties you might be wondering what in the heck do I wear?! It's Winter and I could wear shorts, but I won't because I don't want to scare you with these pasty white legs!

Well I've got you covered. I'll let you in on my secret.... The Clothing Bar in Norman.

With new items coming in every week if not every day, I can always find gems. My favorite part of the shop is that they usually only get 4 or 5 of each item so you aren't walking around Target bumping in to every one with the exact same top on. (So if you like anything in this post I suggest you hop on it!)

This waffle knit top has some really cute cut outs at the top that are perfect for a sixty degree day in December. I think people shy away from pastelish colors in the Winter and I have no idea why?! They work just as well as they do in the Spring as long as they are a tad more muted in tone than the bright pastels of Spring.

This sea greenish blue is my jam.

Also I encourage you to give light denim a chance! These Flying Monkey jeans are so soft that you practically need to check if you are still wearing pants and they are still super slimming since they are slightly darker at the inner and outer thigh.

This is where sister and I start to get silly because people were watching us. #awkwardturtlemoment

This entire outfit is from The Clothing Bar! Shop their Instagram @shop.theclothingbar or come in and snag some awesome deals because I hear they just added a large 40% off section of Winter clothing that includes some Flying Monkey jeans, dresses, tops, booties and more!


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