DATE NIGHT: Valentine's Day

Marrying my high school sweetheart means I've had all kinds of Valentine's Days. I've had a sweet note snuck into my locker kind of Valentine's Days and I've had eat a yummy dinner at my favorite restaurant kind of Valentine's Days with chocolate and flowers! Both are moments I treasure and look forward to immensely!

NOTE FOR THE FELLAS: Valentine's Day is only 22 days away! So any fellas tuning in today should start prepping! Valentine's Day doesn't have to be an all out extravaganza in order to make your girl feel special and loved and appreciated. It could be a hand written note, breakfast in bed, or a massage!
I'll be detailing some of my favorite gift/ date ideas in a post soon!

But first... I'm sharing the details on three and a HALF outfits that will fit any Valentine's Day plans your man comes up with!

First up... The casual or day date outfit!

This swing tank is SO soft! I absolutely love the cut out details and the way the back is open, but overlaps so that you are still covered up. I wear this strapless bra every day so tops with cut outs never bother me, but since this top's cut outs go pretty far down I opted to wear a bandeau. I think a pretty lace bralette would work perfectly too!


This is my first choker necklace and I gotta say I love the way they look, but they drive me bananas after about fifteen minutes... Either I'm tying them too tight or my "I refuse to wear a turtle neck, Mom!" toddler tantrums are still a strong opinion of mine.

Another fun touch to this outfit is that the blush colored top really makes a red lip pop! I wore this shade for my wedding and it's just such a fun idea to wear it again for Valentine's Day and your anniversary every year!

This next outfit is a little more sassy!

This top is one of those tops that just makes you feel flirty!

STYLE TIP: Not a fan of pink and still tired of all the red from Christmas? Create a really fun outfit with all black and just red lips!

I'm super picky about jeans. I'm curvy and short so when a jean doesn't have to be chopped off by a foot or longer and they are tight in all the right spots.... all the heart eyes from this girl. Plus all the distressing is lined! No more freezing with holes in your jeans!

This is where the three and a HALF number I mentioned at the beginning of the post comes in. It is February after all when you'll be rocking this outfit so you might need another layer for warmth! Especially if your date is at night! This crimson cape is fierce and even if you are windblown like me in these photos you'll still feel sassy, but warm!

Lastly... THE dress.

The pattern on this dress is so pretty and delicate! I love the neckline too! But I have to say that my favorite part of this dress is that it definitely allows for ALL the dessert your heart desires and after all.. you gotta have dessert on Valentine's Day! Pair it with a fun bootie like I did or grab your favorite pair of heels and you are sure to stun him! ;)

These three and a HALF :) looks can be found at my favorite local boutique, The Clothing Bar! What do you want for Valentine's Day? Where do you want to go? Are you in the mood for quiet night in or an extravagant night out kind of Valentine's Day?! I'd love to hear!




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