Streams of natural light, fluffy pillows, coffee in hand, turning the pages of a good book. That is exactly what I envision when I think sun room. I've always thought sun rooms are magical and would be over the moon if our house one day has one!

There's nothing like the idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon, falling asleep on the sun room couch, book draped over your chest. Now I know that this vision is probably laughable to those that have kiddos, but maybe they could nap with you? #wishfulthinking haha

I love thinking up pretty spaces, so every month I'll be dreaming up stunning rooms that you can put together from the curated items! Naturally from all my chatter about dreamy Sundays before, this month's featured room is: The Sun Room.


Even better is that most everything is on sale thanks to some amazing Labor Day sales!

Happy Labor Day!