Sometimes I'm a hoarder.


You want to know what a serious weakness of mine is?

Candles in cute jars.

I was having a treat yo self moment at Target the other day and decided I NEEDED a new candle.

I just can't resist, so when I saw this cute little glass jar candle with the most darling little gold knob on top I had a light bulb moment. T hates our current glass jar set that holds our q-tips, cotton balls, and cotton rounds. He is constantly just grabbing those items out of their actual packages that I stash under the counter. Our current glass jars don't bother me, but he insists the tops are too small to reach into and completely inconvenient for him. So what does a good wife do? She doesn't go out and buy new jars... she waits months and months and then figures out a solution. Hah!

Anyways I've always been a fan of reusing the jars that candles come in so I'm absolutely giddy with how this little "design hack" turned out.


To reuse a glass jar that a candle comes in, simply peel the labels off and place the used up candle in the freezer for the day (probably really only like 2 or 3 hours, but I usually end up forgetting it's in there.) After the wax has frozen, take a butter knife and press it firmly into the center of the wax by the remaining wick. It will crack the wax into pieces which you can then chip out, pull the metal wick out, and clean the jar to be used again! I recommend using Windex to help clean out the remaining wax. So easy!


Also the pink magnolia scent is so light and airy! I love it! I can't do overpowering scents or I get a headache, but this one was just right!


So for about $10 you get a candle that lasts a very long time AND a cute little jar with an ADORABLE lid to store stuff in your bathroom like cotton balls, q-tips, cotton rounds, or even would be so cute on your desk holding washi tape, paper clips, tiny post it notes, etc.


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Happy Monday loves!



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