My love of decor runs deep. I love making a space pretty and then in six months or a year trying something new. I'm also a huge believer in shopping your home to create new spaces or tweak spaces until they feel right to you.

It is a great way to see how your style and tastes have evolved with time and trends. Below is a photo from about two and a half years ago. We had just moved into this house and I was itching to get ALL the gallery walls situated. I was obsessed with creating gallery walls out of any and everything I had.

About six months after this photo was taken, my piano was delivered from my childhood home to my "big girl" home where it had the "perfect" nook for it. In my mind it's not 100% perfect (it juts out quite a bit), but in my mom's mind it sure was the perfect spot that isn't in her house. So the gallery wall was adjusted up a little to accommodate for the piano height and then I took all of this down about six months ago. The gold Oklahoma was relocated to the entryway, the small gold frames were put in the "wedding decor" pile and several other pieces were shifted throughout our house.

Point being... nothing stays in one permanent place here at casa T.

Our dining room is VERY small. It is basically just the walk way from the kitchen to the living room and houses my favorite clutter spot... the kitchen table. Speaking of the kitchen table. Has anyone seen it lately? I'm not sure it's still there...
Anyways, the piano needs to pull double duty as a fun entryway table of sorts. We have a big beautiful picture window in the dining room. Most of the time you will see Lola lounging on the window sill and being the cat queen she is. Since the space is so small my goal was to really reflect, brighten, and open up that space.

Insert obvious MIRROR idea here :)

I've had my eye on this round brass mirror at Target for I don't even know how long, but I just wasn't sure where I could put it until I decided to repurpose the piano as an entryway table. My next thought was to add lamps to create balance.

The marble and brass combo with the pull chain is exactly the lamps I had envisioned for this space. They create the most pleasant glow in the dining room at night! I'm so happy with them and not just because they are gorg, but because of the warm coziness they add to our space. T is a huge fan of them too.

Lastly just adding life with a plant, some books, and another piece we used at our wedding that Abbiemade gave it a touch more personality. (On a side note: The plant is an old orchid that lost its flower. It is just leaves now. Anyone know if the flower will ever grow back?)

I am so pleased with this update and being one step closer to finishing off our kitchen. Now I'm off to find the kitchen table... wish me luck!