Where my beaches at?

Beach hats that is. Have you seen the cute beach hats with sassy sayings? I first saw them on Pinterest and couldn't believe that some were going for around $150! I really wanted to take one on our Honeymoon, but just couldn't justify that expense when I had to pay for you know... food for my guests/ the other thousand expenses that come with throwing a wedding. Also we got married in November, which isn't really peak beach hat shopping season so there wasn't even a lot of options when it came to DIYing one.

Enter the magic of the Target Dollar Spot.

I was making my usual stroll through the dollar spot at Target before hunting down these new Whitney Port for Cheeky to go cups and came across these straw hats. They are only $5! So my creative wheels immediately started turning and I decided what was the worst that could happen? If I completely botched this DIY then I really only ruined a $5 hat.

I loved making these so much so I thought I'd give you a little tutorial with my tips and tricks!



- Straw Hat
- sequin ribbon
- hot glue
- hot glue gun
- scissors
- and a sprinkle of sass :)

Step 1: Decide if you want to do a sassy saying like "do not disturb" or if you want to do your monogram or name.

Step 2: Find your center. Lucky for me there was a knot if the trim around the hat so keeping center was really easy for me! You can make your saying go all the way around the brim of the hat, but I liked just having it around half of the hat.

Step 3: Lay out your first letter to test out the scale of your writing.

Step 4: Start hot gluing! For the letter M or N or anything that has a down stroke I would suggest cutting it and piecing the next section of the letter to the down stroke. That is my preference, but if you have a more scrolling script then just roll with it like the center of the M!

*Tip* Make sure the thread part of the sequin ribbon is the side you glue down.


Step 5: Draw the letter with the hot glue and pat down the sequin ribbon on top of the glue. You are going to get a lot of "glue webs" as I call them, but just break free from them and you can clean them off at the end.

Step 6: For the letter R go ahead and glue the first part of the letter. To get a crisp down angle make sure to let the glue completely dry before continuing. Work in short one inch sections so that your letters look smooth and not rushed.

*Funny Story / MAJOR TIP* I have two S's in my name one in Mrs. and one in my last name. Well I breezed through both S's only to look back to see that I made them DIFFERENT... You have no idea how bad this hurt my OCD heart. I love my hat, but I definitely notice it every time I look at it. What is funny is my "MRS" hat was not the first one I made, but I DID IT ON THAT ONE TOO.  What the heck Hales!

I was just having too much fun breezing through this cute DIY! Oh well, they are still adorable and I'll just have to embrace them being "perfectly imperfect." But, if that is something that would just irk you (like it does me haha) make sure to be aware of how you create duplicate letters!

Step 6: Not really sure if this is a step or a tip, but I would suggest going as long as you can without cutting the sequin ribbon. So below I glued the top of the "A" and kept on rolling into the next letter. Then go back and use a small connector piece to finish the "A" or "D" etc.

For the final touch add ribbon or trim or pom poms or tassels to make your hat even more of a party! :)


If you don't have a Target near you or you can't find one of these awesome $5 hats in the dollar spot then I've linked some inexpensive options below!


If you aren't a DIYer and still want a cute beach hat (Who wouldn't?!) then I've rounded up some really cute inexpensive already made hats!

If you have any questions I'd love to answer them! Also if you make your own DIY Beach hat tag me on Instagram @haleyacres because I would love see them and feature them on my Insta Stories!!