Dreamy Color Palettes

I'm very attracted to neutral color palettes. My house is pretty neutral with pops of prints and color. I think this is partly because I change my mind too often to commit to a bold color and partly because I need to relax and a loud, bright, distracting space really throws me off. I saw this color palette photo in this month's issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine and completely fell in love. What draws me in the most about these neutral and soft color palettes are how serene and interchangeable they are. All four of these color palettes would easily work together in a single home without feeling disjointed. I've gathered up some inspiration photos of how to mimic these palettes in your own home! Are you drawn to the blue, grey, white, or cream palettes?


White walls have been described as "institutional," but the key is creating warmth with the furniture and decor that off sets the coolness and crispness. If you love color, but can't commit (like me) to one color for a long time, then white walls are for you! Look how those orange pumpkins pop off the white?! Gorgeous.

There is something about white on white especially when there is ornate and intricate trim involved. It's practically magical in my book. It keeps it completely elegant and classic without feeling dated.


I am a fool for blue. Besides grey and white it is my go to color of choice. I just love how serene and calming the blue tones are. I read somewhere that blue is the best color for a bedroom because it is soothing. Don't remember where I read that, but I believe it! Absolutely dreamy! 


Cream is probably my least favorite of these four, but I can't deny that is equally beautiful. It's just not totally my style. Cream has a very traditional feeling and I like to go a little more modern traditional in my home and clients. I love how Home Bunch has mixed a piece of light blue furniture with a cream color palette. How dreamy is that headboard and where can I get a cute pup that matches my bedroom so beautifully? Oh wait. I have that... Love you Miss Evie.


I love grey! I wanted to paint my whole house Horizon Grey by Benjamin Moore, but ended up caving and painting the kitchen blue. Let's just say I wish it was grey. The blue I chose changes too much with the light and it bugs me to no end! Some people regard grey in the same notion as white and think that it is cold and "institutional," but I stand by that it's all about adding warmth in with decor and furniture. See these fabulous rooms below? Nothing cold or "institutional" about them! Plus that framed Vogue illustration gives me all the heart eyes! Swoon.

 via  Decor8

via Decor8

So there you go. Four fabulous neutral color palettes that will make the PERFECT foundation for your home. Which color speaks to you the most?