Farm House Guest Retreat for Under $700

Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper pretty much launched Farmhouse interior design into a category all on its own. I get requests for the "farmhouse look" all the time, which is fine by me because while I love bright pops of color I also enjoy layering texture and shades of white with iron and wood to create a bright relaxing space that doesn't feel too precious.

One thing that drives T mad is my pillow obsession. He and every other guy on the planet just cannot fathom why on earth we would need 6-10 extra pillows on the bed. Well guys... I've got the answer right here to put your question to rest: It is pretty and BECAUSE WE WANT THEM. :)

Luckily for T this pile of gorgeous pillows isn't in our Master Bedroom (yet), this is a client's guest room that she was going to run an air BnB out of, but Oklahoma is way behind in insurance coverage so that dream is on hold for now.

So this is "phase one" if you will until Oklahoma can get on board with how awesome airBnB is!

Everything in here is new except the white quilt on the bed. I think that mixing patterns on a solid foundation is the easiest way to make an impact in a bedroom. Stripes and florals are my favorite patterns to mix. (Sources for everything at the bottom of the post.)

My number ONE tip when selecting pillows: Buy the ones with down or down alternative inserts. Do not buy hard pillows! Stiff pillows will make the most expensive makeover look cheap in my opinion.

The front three pillows are Ralph Lauren and I've got to say looking good Ralph! He's definitely expanded his reach.

It is always a nice touch in a guest room to have a small dish on the nightstand for your guest to put their jewelry in at the end of the day. I think it adds a little dash of home to your guest room! Also books or magazines are great for guest rooms where there isn't usually a television. Even now when we are constantly glued to our phones at the end of the day, it is nice to give the option to "unplug" to wind down after a busy day traveling.

Headboard// Target
Lamps// HomeGoods (similar)
Pillows// HomeGoods (similar) (similar) (similar)
Nightstands// Overstock (similar)
Accessories// Curated over time by Acres & Richmond (Shop coming soon!)

I think adding a cool vintage sign over the bed would be so cute, but we just haven't ran across one yet that fit the bill. Don't you just want to leap and fall into all those fluffy pillows?

What is the one thing your significant other complains about decor wise? Probably decorative pillows if I had to guess :)