8 Farm House Semi/Flush Mount Lights

I guess I am on a farm house kick since yesterday's Farm House Guest Room Refresh post so I thought I'd give you guys some ideas on how to incorporate the farm house/ industrial look into your home's lighting.

After a recent stroll through Lowe's lighting department I am convinced I need to buy all new lighting for our house. I was floored (haha) by the new lighting lines that are now available. When I was picking out lighting for our entry way and dining room a year or two ago it was slim pickings out there. These are just the flush mounts/ semi flush mounts that jumped out to me, but there were also chandeliers, pendants, and vanity lighting in most of these lines too.

Like I almost brought home 12 new light fixtures like someone would bring home a new puppy they bought without their spouse knowing... which honestly I wouldn't put that past me either! :) T is one lucky guy! I'm fully convinced we'll have a hoard of mini dachshunds one day. I mean have you seen Evie? She's like the Madonna of dogs.

Anyways... (see I always get side tracked by Evie's beauty... #proudmama)

Flush mounts and semi flush mounts are great for low/ standard height ceilings because you won't bonk your head on them. Enter the dreaded, awful, ugly, painfully hideous boob light that most builders like to put everywhere in houses because 1) they are super cheap 2) they are easy to install and 3) that is all that matters to most builders. BUT, see these lights below are 100x better so definitely let your builder know absolutely under no circumstances should a boob light cross the threshold of your pretty home!

1// Allen + Roth Crossburg
2// Quoizel Liberty Park
3// Kichler Lighting Barrington
4// Allen + Roth Bristow
5// Quoizel Liberty Park Flat
6// Kichler Lighting Old Bronze
7// Millennium Lighting Neo-Industrial
8// Quoizel Marquee

I have my eye on number 4 for our very long hallway! We live in a ranch style home and there is a hallway in the center which currently has three lights, but I think four would be even better. What is so cool about number 4 is that it can be mounted on the ceiling OR on the wall as a sconce!

Which light is your favorite? Do I have you rethinking all of your lighting too? How many boob lights do you need to replace? (I still have one to go! #killsme)



*Not sponsored in any way by Lowes. I wish! But, I'm just a design lover wanting to share my finds with others! Because how are we going to be best friends if we don't share?!