Flower Market Twirls

Yesterday I had a moment. One that literally had me beaming from ear to ear. I walked into the flower shop for some flowers to style a little project I'm working on and I met Kate.

I was doing my usual checking out what fresh cut flowers were in the front case and working up the courage like I always do to ask "Hey so anything fancy in the back case?" because I'm always curious (that's where the peonies are when they are in season) and before I could get it out she said "Hey, are you Haley?" and I was like "Yeah..."

AND I'm risking sounding totally self involved here, but she recognized me from my Instagram account and I just about died of giddiness. I always tag Wright's Floral Market in my flower creations on Instagram because they are seriously the cutest little shop with the loveliest ladies who are always so helpful! I can't wait to show you the inside of the shop soon!

But, back to how I apparently have no shame anymore...

I happen to have the fancy camera with me so I asked Kate if she wouldn't mind taking a couple photos and turns out... She's a photographer!! How kismet is that?

She said yes (picture me beaming here) and we had a little impromptu photo shoot with a big bouquet of flowers from Bear Creek Farms (a local grower) and my messy topknot. I also accidentally flashed her and everyone on North Porter my tush while I was twirling. #twirlinghazzard #mortified

Luckily she is so sweet and totally laughed with me about it!

How gorgeous is this Bear Creek Farms bouquet with extra sunflowers added in? Now get ready for fifteen photos of me twirling. Twirling photos are everything!

Photos //  Kate Bernard Photography

So lucky to live in such a supportive and creative community!