Friday: You're Like A Daydream

I feel like I'm on cloud nine. I feel like the title of this post is Taylor Swift inspired. I feel like I have the worst long term memory ever so I want to write my weekly thoughts down on Fridays just so I can look back on them. Maybe you'll like these posts? Maybe you won't? Maybe you'll think I'm terribly silly. I'm okay with that :)

This is me figuring out that the iPhone has a self timing option on the camera and forcing Evie to take awkward family photos...

Other thoughts on the week...

I was ill on Monday and it wasn't exactly how I planned to kick off the first Monday of the New Year. Fortunately, the week quickly turned around. I'm telling you a nap and a trip to the chiropractor is exactly what this girl needed. Life changing. Why yes I am 24 going on 75.

 via  BelongMag

I have a horrible neck and sitting at the computer/reading/looking at my phone kills it even more. Also my posture is straight out of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Seriously. If you see me sitting like that please correct me. So I've added the goal of perfect posture to my twenty sixteen list because it HAS to be corrected or my poor head may fall off my neck. Just pop right off.

All joking aside, I feel like twenty sixteen is going to be a huge growing year for me. On Tuesday, I got to go help pick out granite, rock, flooring, and other elements for one of my clients. It was so exhilarating! I love watching a project come to life!

Every time I help clients with a room in their home or office space it fuels my passion and I know that I am exactly where God wants me to be. Even when I have to do the not so fun side like working on website coding, filing, organizing, and the other paper work that comes with running your own business I beam with joy because it lights a fire in me to learn more and be better.

On Wednesday, I went on a very long over due dinner date with my sister friend. We go way back and she is someone who has always understood my old soul trapped in this twenty something life stage. She surprised me for my birthday with a lovely assortment of goodies by my favorites: Nate (Berkus) and Kate (Spade) and the cutest tiny pair of gold scissors! I'm about to snip snip snip with all the gold scissors I've been given lately. I'm not sure what yet, but I'm prepared. Maybe Trey will finally get his Christmas stocking made this year? No promises.

Thursday is styling day. I finished up one client's office and am so in love with the bar cart area I created in his office. These drawings perfectly add fun and vibrancy to this little corner.

One of the things I help my clients with is laying out their spaces. It is super important that I make a room not only visibly appealing, but also functional for how they use the space. So after I finished up the office with the bar cart, I went and worked on a layout for another client. Can't wait to see that room come together!

Some gems from the week:

Text from Dad>> "Was that you driving down Gray St. five minutes ago?" Me: "Why yes it was!" Dad: "I thought so. That's a nice hair do you have going on."

A little old man in the lobby>> "Those rain boots sure are noticeable."

Now today is a big day. I'm visiting a house for a second time with a contractor and my parents in tow. I'm very excited about all the possibilities that come with this house and getting into the neighborhood where I ultimately want to find a forever home. Plus, I can't resist a chance to channel my inner Chip & Joanna from Fixer Upper and add some ship lap and subway tile to a little starter home of our own :) Who knows if this will be the house that works out for us, but I'm excited that the process has started! Follow me over on snap chat @haleyraemurray or Instagram @haleyacres for some sneak peeks into this house finding adventure.


Happy Friday friends! Cheers to the weekend being full of fun!