Friday Four: Makeup Musts


Let's be honest. I work at home from our kitchen table most days and Evie Bee has never complained about her Mama's appearance.

But a couple times a week I do have to run to meetings, source items, meet clients, check on progress, etc. which requires a swipe of makeup. I've never been a huge makeup person so if I'm going to bother with it then it has to be really good. The crazy thing is I remember the first time I put on makeup. I was in eighth grade and it was black eyeliner. I walked out of the bathroom into the kitchen and my Dad immediately told me to go wipe that junk off my face. Typical father response. #insertteenageeyerollhere

After that I stuck with brown eyeliner, until recently I stole a sample of this mascara from my Mom's Birchbox. I was in love. No more eyeliner for me. This mascara is so popular that after my sample was gone, I searched high and low for it and ended up having to order it from the UK! It was sold out on Amazon, Ulta, Birchbox, and Anthropologie! I waited 30 days for it to travel overseas, make it through customs, and then finally arrive on my doorstep. So you know I'm not playing around about how good it is. I've had people ask me if I've gotten eyelash extensions!

My other recent favorites are the light and medium Rodan & Fields peptide powder. I use the medium shade for coverage and the light shade for highlighter under my eyes and down my nose. (I'm definitely not a makeup expert so I'm not sure if that is actually where you are supposed to highlight, but I like the way it looks! ha!)

Lastly, every pair of lips need a pop of color! You just don't look alive without it! I am obsessed with Revlon's Matte Balms. My favorite shade is called Unapologetic and it makes me feel like a total boss. Abbie has a really pretty orchid shade called Passionate and it looks great with every outfit!

So that's my super super quick makeup routine for when I'm on the go! What are your favorite lipsticks? Do you go the department store route or drugstore route? Anyone try a Kylie LipKit? Is it actually worth all the buzz?! I have tried LipSense and like it!

Have a good weekend! Love on someone!