Guest Bathroom On Blast

When we moved in two or so years ago our guest bath had teal shag carpet all the way up to the bathtub and around the toilet, lime green and avocado green foil wallpaper, and avocado green leather textured countertops... I'll pause while you try and block that vision out of your head. First things first was shag carpet and wallpaper removal. I've seen some gross things in my DIY adventures, but nothing come close to the carpet removal in the bathrooms. That image still haunts me. 

This was my first room to tile ever and I'm actually quite proud of it! My Daddy helped me and we had it finished in no time at all! So with tiling done, I moved on to painting and all I could think of was that UGLY avocado leather textured countertop... We DIY on a budget here and new granite countertops just wasn't in the cards since we had other rooms that needed attention as well. The saying "If you can't beat them join them" kept popping in my head so I found a shower curtain that had just a boat load of colors including avocado green. Another color that was speaking to me at the moment (I think paint fumes were involved...) was salmon! I know. What was I thinking? My mom and I painted the whole room and once we were finished our skin glowed in the mirror like we had a lobster red sunburn. It was awful as you can see. 


The next phase we lived with for a while was painting the cabinets white, adding new hardware, and covering the horrifyingly offensive countertops with marble contact paper. That made a big difference, but that salmon paint was still giving you a sunburn every time you walked in. I wish I would have taken a photo of the hallway outside the bathroom because it glowed like a neon light out into the hallway. It was just way too much color for a bathroom with absolutely no natural light. I knew I'd eventually have to buckle down and paint, paint, paint and I did just that. The room took two coats of primer and two coats of paint to finally say bye bye to the salmon. While I was at it I went ahead and painted all the trim a crispy, clean white which transforms a space! I'm slowly working on painting all the trim in our house room by room. So without further adieu..... 


Super happy with how paint transformed this space. Not to mention, this marble contact paper has been a lifesaver. It wasn't quite wide enough to go across the whole width of the counter top, but the pattern is so scattered that it is hard to tell where the seam is. Overall, I'm really happy with it until we can replace it with a permanent option. Also, this bathroom is VERY hard to photograph with no natural light and it is very narrow with four doors so I did my best haha 


I'm currently in the middle of tiling the kitchen so it's nice to take a break and look back at a room that is not destroyed. I'm very ready to be done and share those "after" shots with you guys soon! Stay tuned!!