Ways To Become House Plant Happy

Today's post is a little random, but my brain was just so foggy yesterday so I thought why not write about something that makes you so happy without having to think too hard about it? Do you ever have those days?

I've really been into collecting house plants lately. Specifically air plants, succulents, and I just picked up the cutest aloe vera plant on Monday. Basically, low maintenance plants that don't have to be directly in the sun. Oh and that can withstand my forgetfulness when it comes to the whole "water" thing.

House plants add so much life to your home! I'm dying to get a fiddle leaf fig soon, even though I have read many blogs saying they should be renamed "fickle" leaf figs due to their temperamental ways. Their huge leaves are gorgeous and I just need to find a good spot for one in our home.

If you're a Norman resident or passing through for game day pretty soon then I really encourage you to shop at a local gem called The Greenhouse. We have had so much construction lately encompassing that location so I just wanted to give it a little shout out because it has been such a mark on my memory.

You know those places in your town that are magical from the time you're little to when you become an adult? The Greenhouse in Norman has always been like that for me! I remember going there with my Mom and playing in the pirate ship and being terrified of the pot belly pig they had many moons ago. I recently popped over there after seeing some gorgeous succulents my Mom picked up and was instantly taken back in time. I was greeted by a cute pup and had so much fun wandering around looking at all the different plants!

Our current backyard has zero shade, but someday I'd love to have a backyard that I can create little "coffee corners" tucked into the trees and this little bench is too cute!

These clam shell looking succulents remind me so much of the Little Mermaid! They would be so cool in an area by a pool or water feature or even in your house in the bathroom to create a little whimsy!

Um. How cool are these giant succulents?! Maybe I need to invest in some of these bad boys! If you've seen my Snapchat lately then you know that I've practically killed all of my outdoor plants by now except my "accidental" pumpkin vine is still growing and growing! If I get one tiny pumpkin out of it I will die of happiness!

My plant obsession has reached a whole new height and I can't wait to see how long I can keep my current house plants alive and find a couple new spots to tuck a few more around our home!

Do you have a favorite house plant? Let me know!