Jaw Dropping Dream Bedrooms

Today I'm giving my three thoughts over these three BEAUTIFUL bedrooms from a round up at Vogue. I love a layered room that takes time to get just right, but can still transform over and over with time and different finds as well.

 Photographed by François Halard,  Vogue , September 2011

Photographed by François Halard, Vogue, September 2011

So I don't know about you, but my room at age eleven did not look like lucky Lucy's bedroom below. My bedroom now doesn't even look this gorgeous! :)

One// Can we talk about these ceilings? One thing I've always thought about myself is that I just could not live in a big city where apartments were the only option. BUT this apartment (of course it's like a trillion dollars) has gorgeous tall ceilings with stunning crown molding. I think if you twisted my arm I could live here... #inmydreams

Two// Bookcases flanking the bed. What a dream! I think this only works because of the bed canopy. I think the depth of the book cases would diminish the beauty of the headboard by casting shadows, but I could be persuaded with the right headboard.

Three// The canopy is everything. The best detail about it is that it is two toned. I think all yellow would have been way too much. I'm not much of a yellow fan so I was surprised how taken I was with this yellow and blue canopy! Like seriously can you imagine the pretty little dreams that are dreamed under that canopy!? Too cute.

 Photographed by François Halard,  Vogue , May 2012

Photographed by François Halard, Vogue, May 2012

One// First things first. These curtains. DRAMA. These are the show stoppers right when you walk in the room. I love how they are balanced out with all the white and subtle texture/pattern of the rug.

Two// The molding and wood floors are 100%. I love molding. I love a detailed patterned wood floor. More molding the better in my book! I think that it adds so much character and can completely transform a blank space into a space that feels like it's been around for ages and stood the test of time.

Three// The mixed metals. I have a hard time doing this, but I think it is absolutely necessary. The brass knobs on the desk, the frame, and the sconces are offset by the chrome lamp and curtain hardware. Although I would love to see some dramatic curtains like this with a brass and Lucite curtain rod.

 Photographed by Tim Beddow,  Vogue , May 2013

Photographed by Tim Beddow, Vogue, May 2013

One// I call this granny boho chic. The layers! The depth! I love it!

Two// The bed is to die for. Although this is obviously not a child's room, I can just imagine this bed in a little girls room. The white bedding and white walls are key. I love how they balance everything that is going on in the room and ground the space.

Three// The pink mats in the gold frames are the perfect focal point to draw attention above the fireplace in a room that demands so much attention. Although... I'm not sure what the tombstone looking thing is in the fireplace.

If you want to check out a ton of other stunning bedrooms you can see the rest of the round up over on Vogue. I just loved these three at first sight!

Now everyone it is FRIDAY!! Go have the best weekend!