Jingle All The Entryway

Just a little peek into our house and practically the only Christmas decor I've put up this year. The mantle has a million little pretty bottle brush trees and a beautiful antique frame that I'm pinning all the Christmas cards to that we receive. I LOVE Christmas cards! :)

Speaking of Christmas cards... I just got them in the mail yesterday! The first batch got lost in the mail. How ironic right? Well I've got them addressed and in the mailbox right now ready to go out to all of our people.

Our entryway has a bit of red and a bit of flowers and smells heavenly because I have one of my favorite candles from Kamala Candle Co burning! The scent is winter pine and basically makes up for the fact that we were super busy with the wedding this year and our friend's wedding and... gasp... we didn't get around to getting a tree! Now with only a couple days left it just seems a tiny bit of too much work for just a short amount of time. But if I close my eyes I can smell our beautiful Christmas tree because the candle is THAT good!

Kamala Candle Co is actually one of my sorority sister's companies! She is rocking it and you can find her at a lot of local events or you can visit her Etsy page here.

I also haven't had the heart to wipe our wedding welcome sign off our entryway mirror yet! I want to keep it forever, but it is starting to make it pretty hard to make sure I'm put together before I head out the door.

Love that I get to see this pretty set up every time I walk out our bedroom door!

Did you have the time/energy to fully deck the halls or are you like me and so busy that something just had to give!??

Happy Friday!!