Hey girl heyyy!

Embarrassingly late on posting this tutorial, but I finally stopped running around like a chicken with my head cut off long enough to just write it out! Anyone else feel like this Summer has been non stop? I long for the days of my 15 year old self when all I worried about in the summer was how many trips to the pool would it take for my pasty white skin to become remotely tan :)

Nowadays, I just sit back under my giant floppy hat, with my huge sunglasses, and 50 SPF and embrace what my friend Chloe coined "pale beauty." That is basically my new catch phrase all year round now. People are always "Haley you are so pale and it is 100 degrees out," my answer is always, "I'm a Pale Beauty." haha

Any who... back to the tutorial at hand!



Here is the tank I used and it is on MEGA sale right now so hurry and grab yours! There are 7 colors to choose from so why not grab a couple!? I have my eye on the plum color :)

This tutorial is so easy that it will literally take you maybe 5 minutes and that includes hunting down your scissors.

STEP 1: Fold your tank so both seems are perfectly lined up.

STEP 2: Measure the desired length of your tie. I chose 8 inches because I wanted a longer tie and a shorter top that looks cute with my favorite pair of highwaisted jeans.

STEP 3: Place your hand on the seams to hold them down and then cut the desired length of your tie.

STEP 4: Tie the two halves together to create a cute little knot top tank for under $10! Voilá! So easy!

P.S. I have washed and dried this with no issue of unraveling so I chose to leave the edges raw. Also I ordered an XS for fitted look, but I'm thinking of order a small in the plum color to play around with a looser fit! I'll let you know how it goes!

I hope you like this tutorial! I would love it if you tagged me on Instagram @haleyacres so I can see how cute yours turns out!




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