Lemons, Lemons, Lemons

Real Talk: Planning a wedding is hard y'all! I cry probably once or twice a month from the pressure of it. If you've ever planned a wedding you know what I mean. The stress! The stress! I'm talking a whole package (or two) of place and bake cookies kind of stress... #idefinitelyeatmyfeelings #yikes

I am constantly having to remind myself that life is full of lemons.

BUT, it is what you do with the lemons that make the difference. You can let them make you sour OR you can make something yummy like lemonade or lemon cupcakes! Camille Styles has a great recipe for lavender lemonade in her gorgeous book that you'll just want to flip through all day long!

                                                                                   Camille Styles  //  Kate Spade

                                                                                 Camille Styles // Kate Spade

I'm sure life will always have "lemons." It isn't all rainbows and sunshine you know? So to remind Trey and I about making the best of life's lemons I registered for a couple items with prints of lemony goodness from the one, the only, Kate Spade! One of our registries is basically just Kate Spade. #myhomegirl

I am the luckiest lady to have a fella who said "Honey, just make sure there is a grill set on there and I'll be happy." A grill set! Done hun!

Kate Spade has definitely taken the lemon trend to the next level with these kitchen goodies. This is a pattern that will last the test of time. I can totally see a girl picking up the table cloth at a vintage sale 40 years from now and squeeling with glee over their vintage Kate Spade find!

When I saw the cloth napkins, I immediately thought of how Ashley from Ashley Brooke Designs recently framed a vintage Hermès scarf. These cloth napkins could be so cute framed with a white or light blue mat in a kitchen. Goodness how I wish we had wall space in our kitchen! Like seriously the smallest slivers of wall in there. What do you think? Would you frame a cloth napkin for some easy inexpensive art or am I taking my love of Kate Spade a little too far? :)



Plus I CANNOT get over how cute these lemon printed pieces are on Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied from her Morning Lavendar collection! I think that lemon print off the shoulder top needs to come with me on the honeymoon :)