So I have an embarrassing secret...

Our Master Bathroom looks like Freddy Krueger went nuts in it. We moved into this house about three or so years ago and we went full on demo taking walls down, ripping teal shag carpet out of every room in the house (EVERY room in the house... Carpet in the bathrooms... #gag) taking down wallpaper tiny piece by tiny piece, painting, flooring the entire house, etc. So sometime after we decided to score the entire bathroom wallpaper and rip up the carpet in there we ran out of steam. hard. and there it sat waiting. A half torn up room that I would die if anyone went into besides me or Trey.

Fast forward to now and we have the itch to move soon, but first we have to "unfreddy" the Master Bathroom. I don't really start any project without visualizing what we have to work with and where I'd like to go with the space so the mood board inspiration is definitely my favorite part of my process.

1) Tiling the floor with a matte grey tile
2) Removing all the lime green and yellow flocked 70s wallpaper
3) Texturing and painting the walls a bright white
4) Sanding, priming, and painting the two cabinets a high gloss white
5) Repairing and cleaning the grout in the shower
7) Replace VERY vintage light fixture. (I haven't landed on one yet, but I'll update you when I do!)
6) Hanging the vintage brass hooks I found at an antique fair, hanging the Mr. & Mrs. signs from our wedding, and tieing it all together with these two vintage photographs!

- Our mint green tile is a little more green than blue
- The countertop in here won't be everyone's cup of tea because it is laminate, but I think I can make it work in this vintage vibe... or we may end up replacing it! Who knows?!
- I really want to use grey hexagon tile on the floor, but since we are moving I will probably go with a safer shape that appeals to more people. My next bathroom though!
- We do have a window in there and I'm not a hundred percent on what I'll do with it yet.
- This reno will take us a while. It is a disaster zone in there... I will keep you updated in the to-do list section linking to progress whenever we make it!

I hope you like it! Have a good Tuesday!






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