Early to rise, early to grind... the coffee beans. I'm a morning person. Not in the sense of chipperness, but in the sense of I'm a person and I get up early in the morning. Funny thing is when I worked in the corporate world I was frequently late to work. I was begrudgingly waking up early, but now I love waking up early. The stillness. The quiet. The streams of morning light. Um yes to all of that.

After we wake up around 5:45AM and I help T get out the door (Dude is a "checker." Gotta check this. Gotta check that,) my morning routine normally goes as follows...

6:30AM //  FEED THE ZOO. Let Evie outside while I feed Lola and Gio. Then let Evie in and feed her. This little routine becomes especially interesting if we are dog sitting T's parents dog because she likes to go out before and after she eats. Just envision me without coffee, stumbling back and forth between the dog/cat food in our kitchen and the sliding glass door in our living room. Sometimes for an extra morning treat, Evie likes to wait until I get to the sliding glass door and then runs away because she's not actually ready yet, she just heard me pour Lola's food. #yourkillingmesmalls

6:45AM// POUR THE COFFEE. If I'm on my game, I set the coffee timer the night before for 6:10AM that way it is ready for T before he leaves (He likes it room temp) and then it is the perfect temperature (I like it hot) by the time I'm ready to sit and enjoy it. I can drink coffee black, but it's just not as much of a treat that way so I use this and this. It's frothy and creamy without too much dairy (my skin breaks out) or the whack amount of chemicals that is in regular creamer.

6:50AM// WATCH THEN READ. I like to sit with my coffee in our comfy green chair or in my bed and finish up an episode of Gilmore Girls. My brain just doesn't fully function before coffee at such an early hour. Once that is finished and my coffee buzz is kicking in I like to read a couple of pages from my Bible. You never know when you're going to read exactly what you need to read that pertains to your day or current situation. I love that!

7:30AM// WORK, WORK, WORK. I take a quick break in my morning routine to kick out an Instagram post for a client or two and post for myself. Then back to my morning routine.

8:00AM// TIME TO GET PRETTY. But not too pretty. haha Most days I don't leave my house so a quick shower, hair air drying, and new outfit usually fits the bill.

8:45AM// FUEL UP. I usually make myself some avocado toast or if I'm being bad and we have a sugary treat like cookies I'll grab a couple of those to go with my second cup of jo.

9:10AM// PUNCH IN. I refill my coffee and get started on the tasks for the day. I try to work in a batch schedule so what I'm working on just depends on the day. Today is client day! I might write a full post on that later. Batch days have changed ma life!

So there you have it. My morning routine. It is definitely not earth shattering, but if you take one thing away from this post I hope it would be that you should schedule time in your morning to wake up slow. I always feel 10x more creative on days that I allow enough time to get my bearings before jumping into the inbox and starting on the to do list!

This routine is definitely not perfect, No matter how much I dread it, I would love to work in some sort of fitness aspect so I'd love some suggestions!