Party In The Garden Part One

Every year I get a wild hare at the end of March/ early April to start thinking about what plants I'll try my hardest to keep alive. This year I thought it would be fun to take you guys along on our gardening adventures!

When I think about a garden my first two thoughts are what can I eat and what can I cut to make pretty floral arrangements. So basically salsa, infused water, caprese salad and pink flowers pop in my head.

My second two thoughts are don't go crazy and remember your limited gardening skills. haha

So T and I started this adventure at our favorite local gardening store, The Greenhouse, here in Norman. I have the best childhood memories of coming here and getting in the wagon as my Mom pulled me around this magical place. I'm pretty sure those fish in the little pond are older than I am! Ha!

For this gardening series I'm going to break it down into four parts:

  • Herbs Part One: Picking Your Herbs
  • Herbs Part Two: Planting Your Herbs
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Flowers

Today's post will be about how we decided what herbs we were going to take on. I love cooking with cilantro and basil so I knew we were going to make it home with those two, but I also love adding mint with lemon in my water during the summer to mix it up!

This is definitely not an expert gardening post. This is just a girl who needs to be able to manage the madness while bringing a bit of the magic that fresh herbs and veggies bring to summer time. T's Grandpa always has the coolest garden with tons of veggies and I've learned that gardening isn't just a hobby, but a way of life and routine. Just as you would give your dog or cat water every day, you take care of your plants on the daily. So word to the wise you wouldn't bring 8 pets home if you'd never had a pet before. Start small and build up your garden year after year.

I remember the first year I thought I was going to grow tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, squash, jalapenos, etc and you know what? It all died. I couldn't keep up and the lake was calling my name. In the 100+ degree weather Oklahoma brings during the summer time, keeping on top of watering is a must!

Also, I don't plant things in the ground. I've never had luck at it. I go to Home Goods, Target, or Lowes and pick out some pretty little pots and go to town gardening. It is much more manageable in my opinion and if your full sun plants are starting to look a little fried, you can easily move them to a shadier spot for a little relief.


Isn't this place just magical? It was raining on and off so my thoughts of changing into these cute mules for a few photos were nixed and I just kept on my rainboots. I definitely got a strange look from the guy who checked us out when he saw my shoes were in the wagon instead of on my feet. Ha! Hopefully he saw my hot pink rainboots peeking out at the bottom of my skirt and didn't think I was walking around barefoot in the mud! :)

If you're local they keep the herbs and veggies in the largest greenhouse in the back of the property. Even though it was raining there were still quite a few people there and little kids in wagons. I cannot wait to take my own little nugget around this magical place in a little red wagon one day!


Now this is when I got side tracked. Lemon Verbena smells AMAZING and I even poked T in the eye when I shoved the herb in his face so he could smell the heavenly scent too!

Okay back to business, I picked out three very healthy looking plants: cilantro, basil, and mint. I made sure to give them a once over for any bites out of the leaves and shook them a bit to dust off any bugs and then in the wagon they went!

                                                                  White Top  / Floral Skirt ( similar ,  similar,   similar ,  similar )

                                                                White Top / Floral Skirt (similar, similar, similar, similar)

                                                                                  Rain boots ( here  and  here )

                                                                                 Rain boots (here and here)

There's nothing better than spending a Sunday walking through a garden. Well that and successfully avoiding the mounds of laundry that are waiting for you at home :)

Have a good week loves and start thinking about those gardens!