Viva la Patio!

I've been spray painting away all the colorful patio furniture I've collected over the years, but wanted to show you guys my vision for our patio before the big reveal in a few weeks. Pray that I don't kill the plants by then... Oh who am I kidding? They are barely hanging on as it stands right now haha #nogreenthumbhere

The color palette for our patio is lots of white with black and blush accents. I also might try to find some cute yellow striped cushions and of course if I can keep some plants alive there will also be pops of green. 

Our patio furniture is a hodge podge of hand me downs, but it was free so I'm determined to put my own spin on it.

My mother is a vintage metal patio furniture hoarder so, I finally said "Mom, enough is enough. Your backyard looks like a graveyard for vintage metal chairs." Of course I can't complain too much because when you collect things and you find one for a good price and in good condition you can't just walk away, although I have definitely uttered the phrase... "Mom, step away from the metal chair!" She gave me four metal chairs when we moved a couple of years ago and I just never had the urge to make a pretty patio, but it will be nice to have a pretty space to look out to from our living room and bedroom doors. You know instead of the orange, hunter green, and red mess that's out there now. Of course I'll enjoy the patio as well, not just look at it from inside... :)

The coffee table was Abbie's many moons ago and it is iron and sturdy enough to withstand the elements. The only problem is the top is in pieces. I'm thinking of doing a tile mosaic or a distressed wood. Definitely still mulling that over and might do that last to see how the space evolves.

Add some potato vines, succulents, cafe lights, and a pretty pink cocktail and we will have patio paradise!

Can't wait to see more? Head over to my Instagram @haleyacres for some sneak peeks and all the other shenanigans I get into.